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Preliminary Remark


The text on this wiki is interlaced with the proper Ælis conscript. However, it seems that not all browsers allow embedding of non-installed fonts. If both lines on the right show Latin characters, then it seems proper scripts aren't supported in your browser, and reading through this page might become a visual strain. If the upper row shows a writing that you don't know, you're good to go.



Name: Ælis (IPA: ['ɑɛ̯.lis]) Type: Oligoanalytic
Native name: eG1lIS "Eg'ælis"
(peaceful speech)
Morphosyntactic alignment: Active-Stative
Head direction: Head-Initial Genders: 1
Conjugations: no Declensions: no
Creator: Binz Nakama
ISO 639-3: qae



Aelis flag 1000x1500px

Flag of the Ælis language

k1lISK (transcribed as "Ælis"; IPA transcription ['ɑɛ̯.lis]; pronounced in English as "EYE-liss", or also "AY-liss") is a constructed a priori language with a very particular approach on grammar. One of its purposes is to be an artlang, aesthetically pleasing to both the ear and the eye. It is probable that any speaker native to any language group in the world would have to make about the same effort learning the language, which advocates its candidacy as a future IAL. More than anything, however, Ælis is an experimental and philosophical language with the aim to incite anyone who comes near to start exploring the boundaries of human grammar, inviting them to contemplate about alternative grammatical models to the ones they grew up with. Especially aficionados of theoretical linguistics will like to take a look under the hood and find out how a language can function without nouns, adjectives, verbs or adverbs in a grammatical sense; without verb conjugations, inflections, declensions, tenses, moods, voices or tones; with a completely free intonation and virtually no rules for emphasis in general; with a free word order; and all of this in continuous writing (i.e. no spaces to divide words and no punctuation to separate clauses and sentences). The Ælis grammar is not easier, nor is it more difficult than Western patterns. It is simply very different. And if you know that Ælis means as much as 'harmony' or 'peace' in the language itself, who wouldn't fall in love? Dig in!

this is a margin section.

Margin sections

The text on the following pages tries to follow an accumulative 'storyline', which means that as you advance through the chapters, the content will mostly not make much sense unless you have read the preceding chapters. But the 'margin' sections, marked with a reddish background color like this one, have content that is disproportionately long and advanced, and not a part of the red thread. You may deliberately skip them without getting confused later.

Example text

Lord's Prayer

Listen to the voice recording

lA 2tE uE 3rA eM aN eA nA 4rA tA eM rE iO qA 4rA eG vE 4rA hA iI aN 6tE tA aN 2tE hA lW hA dI 4rA iR aN 6tE eM aM rW 4rA vW aN 2tE iW hA lO eD eM aT 1qA dO aS hA iI nA 3rA iI qA 4rA nA 1rA lI 6tE tA eM iS lW hA iU iA tE lO nA 1rA iI 6tE lA 6tE iW hA aQ 4rA vW eI vE nA 0rA tA vW lIS nA 0rA tA hA iU iA 6tE lA 2tE iR aM dI 3rA.


R&B Trip-Hop Binz ft08:34

R&B Trip-Hop Binz ft. Nirean & Xel - Insanity (Original Mix)

Music with Ælis

A short piece of Ælis, used in a musical project. (from 3:07 to 3:40)

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