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This language is for the people I am writing about in my book, though they have many languages this is the common one that is used through out the lands.

I did take inspiration from German,Russian,Icelandic,Hebrew,old Norse, and some words are completely original.


Consonants: g,l,j,m,n,k,p,s,t,θ,t͡ʃ,t͡s,v,d
Vowels: a,ɪ,u,o,eɪ,aI

No conjugation, or tones.

Sometimes genders(3) male, female, neuter.

Svo word order.

Estanakachal is semi-synthetic more so than English with prefixes that can be added to any word to show possession, gender, adjective, verb, and emotion towards the object. Here's a short list of them in ipa

Aig-:my aigak-:your's Ako-:his akai-:hers Ska-:by(cause of) Aiθa-:with keida-:blessed/holy t͡ʃag-:dual eis-:plural sya-:am/is(to be) imka-:cold eit͡ʃka-:warm t͡ʃaθo-:good goeik-:bad Dosei-:evil/tyrannical.

Onla is a suffix that when added to a noun can mean s profession or hobby ex: ditumalonla (anceint+onla) would mean a historian or archaeologist.

Some numbers... 1:at͡ʃas 2:t͡ʃagim 3:t͡ʃanav 4:ameipa 5:t͡ʃameiv 6:t͡ʃeigam 7:t͡ʃavei 8:t͡ʃeimana 9:t͡ʃeivav 10:eist͡ʃa 11:eisas 12:eisgim 20:t͡ʃaegisav

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