All colors can function as both nouns and adjectives. The gender shown is the gender of the basic noun form used when talking about the color in general. When they are used as nouns, colors are always preceded by a definite article. All basic colors are masculine except for Ambrese and Rosa. The adjectives Claro (Light) and Obscuro (Dark) can be placed before any color but are often seen as redundant for some.

White/Black/Grey- Blanco/Nero/Gri Edit

♀/♂ Îçlo English
Aj Ivory
Argento Silver
Onyx Onyx
Plátino Platinum

Red- Carmìnio Edit

♀/♂ Îçlo English
Borgogna Burgundy
Chéstane Maroon
Chirmese Crimson
Rubì Ruby
Scarlatto Scarlet
Vermigliòn Vermillion

Orange- Arancio Edit

♀/♂ Îçlo English
Sciaftalo Peach
Somòn Salmon

Yellow- Ambrese Edit

♀/♂ Îçlo English
Ambro Amber
Orflor Goldenrod
Solpho Sulfur
Tălaȋ Gold/Golden

Green- Verde Edit

♀/♂ Îçlo English
Biscé Forest Green
Zomărod Emerald

Cyan/Aqua- Cýan Edit

♀/♂ Îçlo English
Aquamarino Aquamarine
Ciaî Teal
Turquase Turquoise

Blue- Ceruleo Edit

♀/♂ Îçlo English
Azulo Light Blue
Blu Dark Blue/Navy Blue
Cełazulo Sky Blue
Celèste Cerulean
Egypţianoblu Egyptian Blue
Làzuardo Lapis Lazuli
Livido Blue-Grey
Menoeblu Midnight Blue

Purple- Violèt Edit

♀/♂ Îçlo English
Alu Plum
Lillà Lilac
Mor Violet
Nili Indigo
Pervinca Periwinkle
Pòrporo Byzantium/Tyrian Purple

Pink- Rosa Edit

♀/♂ Îçlo English
Magenta Magenta/Fuchsia
Malva Mauve
Marjan Coral

Brown- Cartecio Edit

♀/♂ Îçlo English
Bej Beige
Brun Dark Brown
Chaki Khaki
Crèm Cream
Isabello Isabelline
Mahu Mahogany

Hair Color- Raga dèl capełoni Edit

♀/♂ Îçlo English
Áşiab Grey/White
Marrone Brown
Rosso Red/Orange
Sarî Blonde
Siyo Black

These colors refer exclusively to hair color and cannot be used in other situations. Other colors can be used to refer to hair color when the hair has been dyed. Rosso is also used in the names of certain animal and tree names to refer to the red coloring of bark, skin, etc.

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