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All months, days, and seasons are masculine. They are always capitalized and are never preceded by a definite article.

Months- Lunate Edit

Îçlo English
Ianuaro January
Februaro February
Marţo March
Âprìl April
Maio May
Iuni June
Iuglio July
Aghusto August
Sepţèmbre September
Octobre October
Nôvèmbre November
Decèmbre December

Days of the Week- Ḑie del hafta Edit

Îçlo English
Poiahad Monday
Tałatà Tuesday
Arbà Wednesday
Chamìs Thursday
Juma Friday
Sàbbato Saturday
Ahad Sunday

Seasons- Sidi Edit

Îçlo English
Ver Spring
Eţe Summer
Atùn Autumn/Fall
Hivèrno Winter

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