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Name: ɯð̼ɤn̼̊ɤð̼ɤʋɯɱ

Type: Agglutinative

Alignment: Direct

Head Direction: Head-Final

Number of genders: 1

Declensions: Yes

Conjugations: No

Nouns declined
according to
Case Number
Definitiveness Gender
Verbs conjugated
according to
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect

(Note: Both verb conjugations and noun declensions are noun declensions.)

I tried to contradict multiple linguistic universals and make strange sounds, while also making a language with an artificial history. Eventually, I ended up not contradicting all that many, honestly.

IPA Chart/OrthographyEdit

Labiodental Linguolabial Retroflex
Central Lateral Central Lateral
Approximant Voiceless ʋ̥ {p} ɸ̺ {t} l̪̊ {hl} ɻ̊ {k} ɭ̊ {hw}
Voiced ʋ {b} ð̼ {d} l̪ {l} ɻ {g} ɭ {w}
Ingressive ʋ↓ {'p} ð̼↓ {'t} l̪↓ {'l} ɻ↓ {'k} ɭ↓ {'w}
Trill Voiceless ʙ̪̊ {f} ɽ͡r̥ {s}
Voiced ʙ̪ {v} ɽ͡r {z}

There is no voicing distinction with ingressive consonants, so most people type them with voiced consonants because those are usually easier to type.


In this language, all consonants are syllabic and they cannot be non-syllabic. This means that there are 19 possible syllables and all of them consist of a single consonant.


It doesn't have any verbs. Relations between words are created using cases, which can be prefixes, infixes, or suffixes. Both the head word and the word to which the action applies are declined, but in different ways. If there is an equal relationship, both are conjugated in the same way.

Comitative (alongside, "and") = H: -bl- O: -bl-
Animate Locative (both parties are animate) = H: -zd- O: -zd-
Inanimate Locative (one or more parties are inanimate [head]) = H: -z't- O: -z's-
Normal Genitive (both parties are separate) = H: bl- O: bl-
Partial Genitive (head is part of other)= H: bhl- O: p'p-


zwptp = land
d'tdb'p = language
z'sflp = stunning beauty of an inanimate object
zdflp = stunning beauty of an animate object
blb'll = reckless abandon


All languages have stops.
All languages have either bilabials, fricatives or nasals.
No language conjugates for both the head word and the affected word.
All languages have some non-syllabic consonants.

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