This language is weird.

L1 Consonant Phonemes
Labial Linguolabial Dental Coronal Uvular Epiglottal
LabioX Xlabial Alveolar Retroflex
Fricative Lateral Plain NA ɬ̼ {sl} ɬ̪ {=sl} ɬ~ꞎ {csl} ᴫ̊ {jsl} ʟ̠̊ {>sl}
Ejective NA ɬ̼' {"sl} ɬ̪' {"=sl} ɬ' {"<sl} ꞎ' {"csl} ᴫ̊˔' {"jsl} ʟ̠̊˔' {">sl}
Ingressive NA ɬ̼↓ {'sl} ɬ̪↓ {'=sl} ɬ↓ {'<sl} ꞎ↓ {'csl} ᴫ̊˔↓ {'jsl} ʟ̠̊˔↓ {'>sl}
Central Plain f {^sf} θ̼ {sf} θ {=sf} χ {jsf}
Ejective f' {"^sf} θ̼' {"sf} θ' {"=sf} θ̠' {"<sf} ɻ̝̊' {"csf} χ' {"jsf}
Ingressive θ̼↓ {'sf} θ↓ {'=sf} θ̠↓~ɻ̝̊↓ {'csf} χ↓ {'jsf}
Approximant Lateral Plain NA l̼ {l} l̪ {=l} l {<l} ɭ̊ {cl} ᴫ̊ {jl} ʟ̠̊ {>l}
Ingressive NA l̼↓ {'l} l̪↓ {'=l} l↓ {'<l} ɭ̊↓ {'cl} ᴫ̊↓ {'jl} ʟ̠̊↓ {'>l}
Central Plain ʋ̥ {^f} ʋ̥͆  {vf} ɸ̺ {f} ɹ̥~ɻ̊ {cf}
Ingressive ʋ̥↓ {'^f} ʋ̥͆ ↓ {'vf} ɸ̺↓ {'f} ɹ̥↓ {'<f} ɻ̊↓ {'cf}

Front Back
High i ʌᶹ {u}
Low a ɑʶ {o}

Diphthongs are not permitted. Also, the syllable structure does not allow consonants to come before vowels or syllabic consonants. All consonants can be made syllabic.


There are no verbs. There also aren't any pronouns.

Words are surrounded by modifiers.

a^sfcl a^sf'cl

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