Adwan's beginner course is no easy walk in the park. A language with barely any relatives, the vocabulary will be different, cognates will exist, and the grammar will be new, but it will all be worth it to be able to speak the Adwanic language :)


These are the different sections to Chapter One.

  • Common Phrases
  • To be: Þuðan, Čyren, and Ïn
  • Present and Past tense conjugations.
  • Nouns: Declensions Overview
  • The Nominative Case, the Vocative Case, the Accusative Case
  • The Genitive Case, the Dative Case
  • The Ablative Case, the Locative Case
  • Vocabulary: Days of the week, months of the year, and numbers.
  • Vocabulary Exercise
  • Adverbs and Conjunctions: Overview
  • Adjectives and Prepositions: Overview
  • Piecing together a sentence: A lesson on Syntax.
  • Animals, Colors, Places.
  • Countries, Cities and Continents.
  • Syntax Exercise
  • Chapter One Review
  • Chapter One Paragraph Translation
  • Chapter One Paragraph Reading Comprehension
  • Chapter One Vocabulary Exercise

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