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General Edit

The Aelathan language divides words into three speech patterns via gender speech. Gender speech is the use of a separate root form of a word based solely on the gender of the speaker, and never the gender of the word.

Aelsjonoþ Edit

Aelsjonoþ an Aelaþ speech word meaning "my father's speech," is the term used when referring to masculine speech words, words that may only be used by persons of the male gender. Aelsjonoþ speech registers as stronger, more authoritative speech, especially in the imperative. Often when a female speaker wants to express an imperative as an order rather than a suggestion, she will slip into Aelsjonoþ as one of the rare cases of socially acceptable Aelleliaþ. It also registers as much less formal and humble than Aelvuþ, being used more often in proper nouns such as names and place names. Aelsjonoþ however never registers as "masculine" itself; a woman speaking in aelsjonoþ would not be deemed masculine, manly or boyish.

Aelvuþ Edit

Aelvuþ an Aelaþ speech word meaning "my mother's speech," is the term used when referring to feminine speech words, words that may only be used by persons of the female gender. It registers as effeminate, formal and humble speech. A man speaking in aelvuþ will register as effeminate or will seem to be putting himself beneath the listener by some sort of social standard.

Aelaþ Edit

Aelaþ an Aelaþ speech word meaning "speech" or "word," is the term used when referring to words that may be used by both male and female persons, and thus belong to Aelsjonoþ and Aelvuþ speech patterns.

Aelleliaþ Edit

Aelleliaþ (lit, "child's speech") is used in reference to the use of incorrect gender speech by the speaker.

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