The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Aelathan pronunciations. English approximations are loose in some cases and are only intended to give a general idea of the pronunciation.

IPA Examples nearest English equivalent
b aber ball
d anid dog
adjos juice
f aref far
g algís gate
ɦ ahinej house
j alej yogurt
k amic kid
l ales lake
m amit man
n anit neat
ɲ anjo agneau (French)
ŋ anc sing
p apép pace
r arrén perro (Spanish)
ɹ aser rob
s aisir silk
ʃ anirasjo shoe
t aeset tooth
t͡s ajax cats
acchac chair
v avav very
w adarjo wash
ʎ aljias figlio (Italian)
z Admirës zoo
θ aþe bath
ð aðe bathe
IPA Examples nearest English equivalent
ɑ Airiþiphos papa
ɑː avav
ɒ Afraschionedës hot (some dialects), daar (Afrikaans)
æ Axäessydyl cat
e Aestynu beauté (French)
ə Amiantra Tina
ɛ Apëredës bed
ɛː arte
i Amiantra free
ɪ Alycessäe bit
ɪː y
ɯ anjumeli pegar (European Portuguese)
ɯː Aestynu
o Atomoxäias go
ø Aefarguy peu (French)
œ Acchaërdom jeune (French)
u Aburerdafu boot
ɤ Ardolrion 喝 hē (Mandarin Chinese)
ɤː andeliasjo
y Allyriarguäe chute (French)
ʏ Allyriarguäe schützen (German)
aɪ̯ Athäimedës hi
aɪ̯ː Aiggonäi hi
ˈ Primary stress
ˌ Secondary stress

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