Basic Nouns

Plant based Definition
Diyaxiu Plants
Hyasin Grasses, Grains
Yonubi Woody plants
Hwa Flowers
Bui Roots
Isyo Leaf
Okwon Fruit akin to Apples, Pears, Plums, etc.
Narang Citrus Fruits
Kengkwo Nuts
Oyan Stem (of a plant)
Gale Bark
Animal based Definition
Dentung Animal
Agaehi Dog
Nobeu Cat
Xiulae Bird
Gaewang Frog
Kageu Wolf
Siwarae Cricket
Culture Definition
Ahuoro Colour
Denwe Sovereign
Ngeugu Farmer
Saendang Associate
Miscellaneous Definition
Taekagae Charcoal

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