Lei HeusascioniEdit

Heusa / (hyoo-sah) Hi. informal
Salva / (sal-vah) Hello the normal greeting; all day
Binjor /bin.ʒoɹ/ (been-zhohr) Good day
Binsora /bin.soɹa/ (been-sorah) Good evening, good night, hello after 19h00 (7pm)
Bin nuche /bin nut͡ʃe/ (been noo-chay) Good night the normal farewell after dark
Que del ńuv ? /kwe de ɲuv/ (kway del nyoov) What's up?, How's it going? lit: what's new
Ne gran-cosa. /ne gɹan ʃoz/ (nay gran shohs) Not much. lit: no big-thing

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