This page will help you conjugate Alisian verbs. There are four groups: -iar, -ier, -ior, and -ire. As is typical of verbs in virtually all languages, Alisian verbs express an action or a state of being of a given subject, and like verbs in most of the Indo-European languages, Alisian verbs undergo inflection according to the following categories:

  • Number (singular, plural)
  • Person (first, second, third)
  • Tense (past, present, future)
  • Aspect (perfective, imperfective)
  • Mood (indicative, subjunctive, imperative)
  • Voice (active, passive)

Accidents of a verbEdit

Person and NumberEdit




Verbal conjugationEdit



In the present tense, these are the conjugation to be used:

sperier (to hope)
Person Singular Plural
1st sperè sperèni
2nd sperès sperèz
3rd sperèt sperènt

Ex. Ja spere reuzzire l'examèn. I hope to pass the test.

ascendiar (to ascend/go up/rise)
Person Singular Plural
1st ascenda ascendani
2nd ascendas ascendaz
3rd ascendat ascendant
grandire (to grow)
Person Singular Plural
1st grandi grandini
2nd grandis grandiz
3rd grandit grandint
apellior (to call/be named)
Person Singular Plural
1st apello apelloni
2nd apellos apelloz
3rd apellot apellont



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