A Song Note Dialect created by Adarium as part of the world created. It is a language that was heavily based on the Emotional Song Pact dialect of Ciel Nosurge and Ar Nosurge.

Writing Edit

As you can see, Alvuren uses the letters show on the left. These letters can be joined like word letter clusters.

Phonology Edit

Vowels Edit

a /ə/ aa /ɑː/
ae and ei /eɪ/ ai
ao au and oo
e /ɛ/ ea
ee /æ/ uo
i ia
ie ii /iː/
io iu and eu
eo and jo oa and ua
oe and ue oi /ɔɪ/
uu /uː/ ou
u ui
iao iou /juː/

Consonants Edit

b /b/ bc
bsd bsk and sg /sk/
bst bz
bzh c
ch and x /ʧ͡ʰ/ d /d/
dh dk
f /f/ g /g/
gn gt
h /h/ hl /hl/
hm /hm/ hn /hn/
j and dz k and gc /k/
kh and qh /kh/ ks and gs /ks/
l /l/ lc
ld lh /lʌɁh/
m /m/ mch
md mg
n /n/ ng
ngs /nks/ p /p/
ph and th /θ/ q
r /r/ rd and rt
rg rj and rdz
rn s and ts /s/
sb /sp/ sbr /spr/
zh, xh, tsh and zhy /ʒ/ sh, sy and shy /ʃ/
sn t /t/
v /v/ w
y /j/ z, txh and tx /z/
nt nk
gts gz
gsh dn

Grammar and Sentence Structure Edit

Grammar Structure Edit

[source of emotions/Noun/Subject of Sentence][Emotion Cluster][Pronoun Type]=[Emotions/Action/Verbs]

Note: Writing Path [Left <- Right]=[Left -> Right]

Pronouns & Subjects Edit

Form Class Usage
il 1st Person (Non-Synchronization) (Singular Form: I, me)
ilar (Plural Form: we, us)
ilom 1st Person (Synchronization) (Singular Form)
ilomar (Plural Form)
koa Topic Definer Word This word would be used ONLY if the subject/topic in the sentence is neither 1st, 2nd or 3rd Person.
om 1st Person (Evangenomization)
yul 2nd Person
kier 3rd Person (Masculine)
liem 3rd Person (Feminine)
kyl 3rd Person (Indifferent/Non-Gender)

Emotion Cluster Edit

Emotion Cluster Structure: [Level][Emotion][Desirability]

Level Emotion Desirability
  • (a-) very little
  • (bi-) non-existent
  • (da-) very much
  • (de-) intentional, artificial
  • (fe-) fairly, moderate
  • (ho-) execution state
  • (ko-) denial, refusal
  • (sa-) trance-like state
  • (ta-) lethargy, unconscious
  • (tsof-) most important
  • (za-) overload
  • (-ha-) love, affection
  • (-i-) pain, agony
  • (-ka-) happiness, joy
  • (-ko-) hatred, contempt
  • (-ku-) concentration, focus
  • (-kun-) anger, wrath, ire, fury
  • (-mu-) loneliness, solitude
  • (-si-) sadness, sorrow
  • (-ta-) spiritualism, deep in mind
  • (-zag-) insanity, madness, bloodlust
  • (-ji) I accept this unto insanity
  • (-la) I want this to last
  • (-ra) I don't understand why I feel like this
  • (-ro) I must become one with what makes me feel like this
  • (-ta) I reject this feeling
  • (-tsu) I want to stop/end what makes me feel like this
  • (-ya) I want this to stop

Time Suffixes and Markers Edit

Marker (Prefix and Suffix) Edit

Function For vowels for consonants Description
Definite Direct Object Marker -li(-)
Adjective Marker
Adverb Marker
Location Marker
Cause / Source / Tool Marker
Destination Marker
Alongside with...
Topic Marker

Time Tenses (Suffixes) Edit

Normal Form Passive Form Object Form Literary Meaning
Causative -kya -kyar -kyaz
Normal Future -i -ir -iz I will, I shall
Normal Present -e -er -ez
Normal Past -a -ar -az I did do it
Desirative -dia -diar I want to do it
Hypothetical Future -ui -uir -uiz so that this happens
Hypothetical Present -ue -uer -uez
Hypothetical Past -ua -uar -uaz
Potential-Permissive -epu -epur I can do this
Imperative Future -oni -onir -oniz I must do this
Imperative Present -one -oner -onez (Now + Command Form)
Imperative Past -ona -onar -onaz I had to do that
Request -ela -elar Please, do it!

Advanced GrammarEdit

This section contains the advanced grammar sections of Alvuren.

It goes like this when using the Energy Words:

K-[Energy Source] [Source of Energy] W-[Mental Level Status] [Target] [action]

Name Wave Main Power IPA
Shayin Em-Wave Elemental
Giko-meti D-Wave Material/Space/Matter
Lhun-ga H-Wave Spiritual/Mental
Hyal-uma Hz-Wave Emotion
Sang-kumda L-Wave Movement
Ka-saket-geu M-Wave Time
Mara-lit-qaf N-Wave Destruction
Ozmu-rudh P-Wave Life
Nun-kepan R-Wave Space-Time
Harasa-tim S-Wave Reality
Seshi-mara Tz-Wave Solar
Uja-ruha U-Wave Resonance
Vuili-qa Vx-Wave Magic
Zaji-yel Z-Wave Concept
Name Requirement IPA
Tayshi Non-Synchronization
Chiyul Synchronization
Ji-pren Synchronization/Evangenomization
Qei-jii Genom
Pal-jura Hymmnosen




This is the link: Alvuren/Lexicon

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