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Summary and HistoryEdit

This is the constructed language for the Song Magic of the fan-fictional world Ari'Vecielm.

The language has the full capability of causing the minds/souls of beings to become synchronized, linked or fused, as an efficient way of sharing power, communicating emotionally or to increase the power levels of one's Song Magic.

Writing Edit


As you can see, Alvuren uses the letters show on the left. These letters can be joined like word letter clusters.

Markers and Time TensesEdit

Markers and Time Tenses are prefixes and suffixes that mark and identify the time, area, target or cause in the song sentences.

Suffix Purpose Pronunciation
la- Destination Marker ra
fi- Location Marker bi
qa- Quotation Marker ka
te- Adjective Marker, Adverb Marker te
msh- More than... mishu
haq- Alongside, along with, together with... haku
ra- Ownership Marker ra
nz- Negation Marker nzu
pa- Cause Marker, Tool Marker, Source Marker pa
li- Direct Object Marker ri

Tense SuffixesEdit

Forms Normal Form Passive Form Object Form Literary Meaning
Normal (Past) Form -a -au -ai
Normal (Present) Form -e -eu -ei
Normal (Future) Form -o -ou -oi
Imperative (Past) Form -u -ut -um I had to do that
Imperative (Present) Form -i -it -im (Now + Command Form)
Imperative (Future) Form -n -nu -ni I must do this
Hypothetical (Past) Form -ng -nh -ny
Hypothetical (Present) Form -gn -kli -em If (x) then (y)
Hypothetical (Future) Form -ghi -jio -og So that it happens

Grammar and PunctuationEdit

Hymmno-Synchronization Levels Edit

There are levels of Hymmno-Synchronization involved when two beings or a group Chain-Link with one another.

Ik- First person for the singer that is not Synchronized with another person.

Ehik- This word has the meaning of "I" and "me" when two beings act as one (which is when they are Synchronized with each other)


The language uses a type of suffixes called Emotion Clusters to express the singer/speaker's emotions or the type of subject, either if it is sad or happy.

First Suffix: Intensity Second Suffix: Emotion Third Suffix: Desirability
  • Ar- = Overload
  • Au- = Execution state
  • Dn- = Unwillingness, lethargy
  • Ha- = Presence of mind
  • Hi- = Fairly
  • Ko- = Very much, a lot
  • Pa- = Trance-like
  • Sa- = Mighty, the most important
  • Su- = A little
  • -be- = bravery, courage, valery
  • -ci- = Wishful, sincerity, honesty
  • -ka- = Happiness, joy
  • -ku- = Concentration, focus
  • -na- = Wisdom, knowledge
  • -ne- = Sadness, grief, heartbreak, sorrow
  • -no- = Nothing
  • -ut- = Anger, rage, hatred
  • -va- = Hope, hopefulness
  • -el = I must become one/merge with what makes me feel like this
  • -ha = I must protect/help/heal what makes me feel like this
  • -ra = I am indifferent, I don't mind what happens to me
  • -ri = I never want to go back to how I was before
  • -ta = I want this to stop
  • -te = I must destroy/harm what makes me feel like this
  • -us = I want this to last eternally
  • -ya = I want this to continue


Basically, the structure of the language is normal, though it follows through this formation below:

{Emotion Cluster + Source of Feelings}={Feelings/Results}

The "Source of Feelings" section is written backwards. It shows what causes these emotions/results to come into being.

Ik- I, me, myself (first person)

Yon- You, yourself (second person)

Ha-ci-ya li-yon ik=hy-me-o em pau-o;

(Ha=Presence of mind + Ci=Wishful, honesty, sincerity + Ya=I want this to continue)(you + Direct Object Marker)(I, me)=(sing + future normal form)(and)(protect + future normal form)

Basically, the sentence above translates to "I want to protect and sing to you."

Advanced GrammarEdit

This section contains the advanced grammar sections of Alvuren.

It goes like this when using the Energy Words:

K-[Energy Source] [Source of Energy] W-[Mental Level Status] [Target] [action]

Name Symbol Wave Main Power Pronunciation (Japanese) Pronunciation (Normal)
Shayin EmW Em-Wave Elemental Energy shaiin SHAI-yihn
Giko-meti DW D-Wave Metal/Material Energy gikometi gih-koh-meh-tih
Luhun-ga HW H-Wave Spiritual/Mental Energy ruhunga luh-hoon-gah
Hyalua HzW Hz-Wave Emotion Energy hyarua hyah-loo-ah
Xaji-yel KW K-Wave Space/Matter Energy zaji-ieru zah-jih-yehl
Sang-kumda L-Wave Time Energy sangakunda sahng-koom-dah
Ka-saket-geu M-Wave Movement Energy kasaketegyu kah-sah-keht-gyoo
Mara-lit-qaf N-Wave Destruction Energy mararitokafu mah-rah-liht-kahf
Ozmu-rudh P-Wave Life Energy ozumurudo
Nun-kepan R-Wave Space-Time Energy nunkepan
Harasa-tim S-Wave Reality Energy harasatimu
Seshi-mara Tz-Wave Solar Energy seshimara
Uja-ruha U-Wave Resonance Energy ujaruha
Vuili-qa Vx-Wave Magic Energy fuirika
Zuruyo Z-Wave Concept Energy zuruyo
Name Level Requirement Pronunciation (Japanese) Pronunciation (Normal)
Tayshi 1 Synchronization taishi
Chiyul 2 chiyuru
Suru-yun 3 suruyun
Qejmey 4 kejumei
Ji-pren 5 Synchronization/Evangenomization jipuren
(K) Energy Source Marker
Level EmW DW H Hz K L M N P R S Tz U Vx Z

(W) Mental Level Marker

Lv. 1 Fire Defence Psychic Control Creation Kinesis Deletion Healing Transport Mirage Light Harmony Magic Space
Lv. 2 Water Telepathy Link Deletion Reversal Camouflage Fire Link Enchantment Time
Lv. 3 Earth Infiltration Change Transport Combat Purification Explosion Resonance Curse Possibilities
Lv. 4 Air Spirit Aether Communication Control Collectivity
Lv. 5 Spirit Rebirth Disruption Offense Multiverse


This is the list of known words within the Alvuren Dialect. The pronunciation can either be in Japanese (for people who prefer this) or in their own way.

Word Meaning Japanese Pronunciation Normal Pronunciation
a-at whisper, breeze ahatu a-aht
a-ka all, every~, everything aka ah-kah
a-ka-vesh comfort, safety akabeshu
a-nen save, salvation, help a-nen ah-nehn
a-vaz order, command abazu
a-wey sweep away, shoo away a-uei
ahew protect, protection ahyu
ahew-el guardian, protector ahyu-eru
al this aru
al-kymby-twr magic, sorcery arukinbituru
altha-tare-ril computer, laptop, PC arubatareriru
alwa-talab responsibility, duty, role, objective, mission, goal aruatarabu
alzag-haya magenta, pink, rose, lavender aruzagu-haiya OWL-zahg-AI-yah
Ameu-lia Name of the Goddess of Songs, Emotions and Waves amueria
anmik-ver-lun desperation, earnestness amikubeerun
ar-ye day, days arie
aru night aru
asar give, bestow, entrust with
atoyaf even now atoyafu
aug black, dark ogu
aug-cie Hell, Underworld ogushie
ba-hem animal, creature, specimen bahemu
balga stand baruga bowl-gah
bara crystal, gem, mineral, crystallize bara
bazuu caress bazuu
be-div-rei idiot, fool bedifurei
be-xutha frequency, tone, sound level bekuzuba
beledi forest beredi
bemg reject, exclude, deny, repel, banish, expel, exile bemigu
bi-ruhi wrap around, embrace, hug, envelop, caress biruhi
briat weep, cry, shed tears, grieve, mourn buriato
ceth tree zefu
cha-tul charm, enchantment, spell chaturu chah-tool
chan-ina Psychic, Psyche, Psychos, the element/concept of Psyche chanina chah-nih-nah
chu-qi curse, hex, jinx chuki
cie world, universe, realm, dimension shie ZI-eh
clar applause, clap, encore kuraa cl-AR
cuagau strongly kuagou
cuni quickly, quick kuni
dag dagu
demo-qaf despair, hopelessness demokafu
di-anx animal, creature, species, race diankuzu
djeba star, stars, planet, starry, astral, stellar jeba
djeba-el planet, home planet jebaeru
djesre-t insanity, madness, insane jebatu
dns-ib clear, vivid, see-through, transparent dinzibu
dr-nt before my eyes, before me duruntu
dre-amed determination, will, willpower doreamedo
dyho distorted, abnormal diho
dynd (Question Marker) (Placed before sentence) dindo
e-kil now, present (time) ekiru
e-lohey-nu everyone, everything eroheinu
e-lohima resonance, resonate erohima
e-phemau destruction, annihilation, ruin, ruination, devastation epemou
ehtra soul, spirit, heart etora
el only, unique eru
el-maa saviour, rescuer, saver, hero eru-maa
el-nar world, universe eru-naa
el-reyah symbiosis, union, coexistence eru-reiya
el-tiv birthplace, source of origin erutifu
em and emu
en is, be en
enurun power, strength, energy enurun
eqodu protect, protection, guard ekodu
erom-bux-fsu-yuw shopping street eromubukuzufusuyuu
Exa-pico Name of the 1st God of Creation and of the World ekuzapiko
exudu-nyaha amaranthine ekuzudunyaha
ez the, to, towards, at ezu
frak will, consciousness, sentience, sentient furaku
gacan-hadis green, greenery, nature gakan-hadisu
gageas gagiasu
gulgo-lef maths, mathematics, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, financial maths, numbers, equations, factorising gurugorefu
gulun that is gurun
gwang-zeh synchronization guanguze
ha-dere-chim illness, disease, syndrome, sickness, plague, outbreak, contamination haderechimu
ha-razono virus, bacteria, infection harazono
haunim little, tiny, small hounimu
haga-dol puppet, doll hagadoru
hah-diwiri admit, confess, acknowledge hadiuiri
hamq big, large, gigantic, enormous, huge, humongous hanku
hana that is hana
hara-stim poison, toxin harasutimu
has-kama thank you hasukama
hat-ib illusion, mirage, image hatibu
hat-nz reality, truth, real hatunzu
hat-sp ruler, throne, leader hatsupu
hay above hai
henear flame, fire heniaa
hep gather, collect, unite, bond as one, join together, link hepu hehp
hez-de-kei encyclopedia, book of knowledge hezudekei hehz-deh-KEI
hez-hy-me lyrics, lyric hezuhime
hez-qem knowledge, wisdom, wise, intelligent hezukemu
hino dance hino
hiz-da-qut Collectivity, the 6th Axis hizodakutu
hm-ntr sound, noise himintoru
hmka transcend, surpass, cross, through hinka
hmxt thought, think, imagine hinkuzutu
hoes flee, run away, escape hoesu
hoqu-koi-zyt science, chemistry, physics hokukoishito
hry-tp sea, ocean, vast body of water hiridipu
htp-di-nsw art, artwork hitopudinsu
huk-mo name, title hukumo
hy-me song, hymn, Spell Song, to sing hime
hyz-ik singer hiziku
ianew however, even so, but ianuu
ik I, me, myself iku
ihe-omunu family, relatives iheomunu
ihehy we, us, ourselves ihehi
imnra hope imunra
imy-xnt courage, bravery imishinto
in very, greatly, severely in
ina-hisa purity, innocence inahisa
Infe-qra Name of the Goddess of Love and Beauty inbekura
iry-nfr-hat creation, to create irinfurato
iwnmsh lake, swamp, pond yunmishu
iwnw right, east iunu
ixe respect, admiration, honour ikuze
jeyan left, west jeyan
ju-pil river, stream jupiru
k-aya-pal astronomy, astrophysics, meteorology kayaparu
ke-dei script, book, manuscript, scroll kedei
ke-vez however, but, even so kebezu
kem no matter what~ kemu
kev-xyvab agriculture, farming, botany kefushiababu
khwm-wng wing, feather kuumungu
kide-sha-nu even now kideshanu
kiyang enemy, opponent kiyangu
kof from the (Subject form) (It means something coming from a specific person or subject) kofu kohf
kyja-zan evil, malice, evil being, cruelty, demon, monster kijazan
l-kari-mati judgement rukarimati L-kah-rih-mah-tih
la-lehu-tampi Multiverse, the 7th Axis rarehutanpi
la-qeltu enhancement, upgrade ra-kerutu
lanu Time, Chronos, Tempus (The 4th Dimension) The 4th Axis ranu lah-noo
le-shim-kha melody, (sound) waves, tune reshimuka
leho-dot monster, monstrosity, inhuman, beast, creature rehodotu
leq-gede rose quartz regede
li-kha flower, flora rika
linak light (as in weight) rinaku
lir-o-tan Darkness, dark, Tenebrus, Umbra, the element of Darkness rirotan
lulr come, arrive, visit ruru
luyb approach, come ruibu
maa-neb-tiv homeworld, homeland, home maanebutifu
me-des disaster, calamity, catastrophe, apocalypse medesu
mer from a... (object form) (It means something that comes from an object) meru muhr
mes-en pain, agony mesen
mew manipulate, control, influence (qualities/concepts/elements) myu
mewet building, house myuetu
mewet-hez library, place of knowledge, database, archive myuetezu
mi-neb city, town, village minebu
mi-uz population, populate miuzu
miew labyrinth, maze miuu
mish-pa-ti race, species mishupati
mnjm computer, device minjimu
mnzl heart, middle, center, core, center of feelings minzuru
Morf-etl Name of the God of Death and Ruler of the Realm of the Dead, Siolnehem moobetiru
mow connect, link with, tie together mou
mwhm-ha balance, harmony, concord, order mumuha
n-ibn glorious, divine, amazing, brilliant, excellent, perfect, flawless, outstanding, terrific nibin
na-chash abuse, torture, cruelty nachashu
naxi create, make, build, design, develop nakushi
ne and so, therefore ne
ne-sher queen, empress nesheru
neb from... (It means from a location/area/place) nebu nehb
nedj freedom, salvation, free neju
nefrew heavy, burdening nefuruu
neiz backward, south neizu
neken water, Hydros, Aqua, the element of Water neken
neshny ruler, leader, throne neshuni
nif-le love, lovely, lovingly nifure
nise-kha Light, Phos, Lumen, the element of Light niseka
nqaj-tse machine, machinery, technology, device, machination nkajuze
omoq-mos English, literature, grammar omokumosu
osete despair, grief, sadness, sorrow, sorrowful, of despair, of sadness osete
pagasa colour, dye, paint, pigment pagasa
pau protect, safeguard, protection pou
puam (physical) power, strength puamu
qedet female, girl, woman, women, lady, mistress kedetu
r-gs very, incredibly rigizu
r-pr therefore, thus ripuri
r-sy yet risi
r-xnw one rikuzunu
ra that ra rah
re-a-khet origin, source reaketu
rek lover reku rehk
rene healing, restoration, to heal rene reh-neh
reteht-ey activation, beginning, start retetei reh-teht-TEY
Revmo-rila Name of the Goddess of Dreams and Memory rebumorira
rhir end, ending, finish, put an end to riru
ri behind, at the back ri ree
rq-ib bad, terrible, horrible riqibu
sa-kuya white, snow, pure sakuya
saret basket, casket, bucket, cup, jug, vase saretu
seba system, technology, network seba
seba-shen security sebashen
sedjet red, crimson, scarlet, blood sejetu
sefet trauma sebetu
sen operate, work sen
senef soul, spirit, ghost senefu
set-a connect, link seta
sewedj tunnel, passage seueju
shay friend, companion, ally, teammate, friendly shai
shebi goodbye, farewell shebi
shef-dew correct, amend, rectify, stabilise, balance shefu-duu
shel-yesta star, planet sheru-iesuta
shen save, salvation, rescue shen
shenew yellow shenuu
shi-choq-tamosa sanctuary, safe place, haven, paradise, sanctum shichokutamosa
sige dandelion sige
skhks stinky, foul-smelling, smelly sikikisu
smr-waty cherry blossom, sakura simuruati
son be, is son
st-ib blue, aqua, cyan, aquamarine sutibu
sul from suru
syonu monster, beast, behemoth, abomination, inhuman shonu
taunp signal, signpost toonpo
tenay beauty, beautiful tenai
tiaj-nrag guardian, protector diajunragu
tij-laug armour, shield, skin dijuroogu
Tim-oya Name of the Primordial God of Time timoiya
tiv from, derived from tifu
tizr blood tizuru
tjaw eternal, eternity, for eternity, eternally tijoo
uam town, village uamu
ubu-juthu city, town, metropolis ubujufu
unpun therefore, thus unpun
uz of uzu
ve-al forever, always, mostly bearu
ve-tsi-vanu End of the World betsibanu
vi-cimra melody, sound waves, tune, music bikimura
via-elim healing, restoration, medical biaerimu
vie-qutun sleep, slumber biekutun
Vuili-qa Vx-Waves (Mana/Magic Energy) fuirika
wa-qad beast, monster, abomination, behemoth wakado
wa-tsinal study, exam, notes, research, project, homework, assignment washinaru
wesheb decoration weshebu
xern for the sake of... xerun
xry-hbt lavender ziribitu
xsha-yathia good-hearted, good people, kind-hearted, kindness, pure-hearted souls shayabia
xtmty-bity biology zidimidibidi
xtmw-xrya divinity, ethereal, Aether, Caelum, the element of Aether, heavenly, holy, celestial zitimu-ziriya
yenil courage, bravery ieniru
yincha metamorphosis, alternation iincha
yincha-uz evolution, growth, evolve, grow iinchauzu
yon you yon
yona you (plural) yona
yor your yoo
yua-mila life, Bios, Vita, the concept of life yuamira
zenchi Space, Spacium, The 3rd Dimension, world, universe, the 3rd Axis zenchi
zn change, alter, transform zin

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