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Summary and HistoryEdit

This is the constructed language for the Song Magic of the fan-fictional world Ari'Vecielm.

The language has the full capability of causing the minds/souls of beings to become synchronized, linked or fused, as an efficient way of sharing power, communicating emotionally or to increase the power levels of one's Song Magic.

Writing Edit


As you can see, Alvuren uses the letters show on the left. These letters can be joined like word letter clusters.

Markers and Time TensesEdit

Markers and Time Tenses are prefixes and suffixes that mark and identify the time, area, target or cause in the song sentences.

Suffix Purpose IPA
-ro Destination Marker, Receiver Marker
-mo Location Marker
Quotation Marker
-ki Adjective Marker
More than...
Alongside, along with, together with...
Ownership Marker
Negation Marker
-deri Cause Marker, Tool Marker, Source Marker, Transmission Source Marker
-lu Direct Object Marker

Tense SuffixesEdit

Forms Normal Form Passive Form Object Form Literary Meaning
Imperative Future I must do this
Present Now! Do it!
Past I had to do that
Desirative I want (subject) to do it!
Request Please, I beg of you
Hypothetical Future
Normal Future -i -ir -iz
Present -e -er -ez
Past -u -ur -uz
Desirative -ea -ear -eaz I want to do this

Grammar and PunctuationEdit

Hymmno-Synchronization Levels Edit

There are levels of Hymmno-Synchronization involved when two beings or a group Chain-Link with one another.

Ik- First person for the singer that is not Synchronized with another person.

Ehik- This word has the meaning of "I" and "me" when two beings act as one (which is when they are Synchronized with each other)

Emotion and SubjectsEdit

The language uses a type of suffixes called Emotion Clusters to express the singer/speaker's emotions or the type of subject, either if it is sad or happy.

ir I, me (First Person Pronoun)
irai We, us (First Person Plural Pronoun)
kir you

The language expresses emotions through a 3 syllable clusters writing system, which is called the Emotion Clusters

1st: Intensity 2nd: Emotion 3rd: Desirability
  • (a-) overload, overwhelming
  • (aa-) intention/artificial
  • (e-) fairly, normal
  • (fe-) meaningfully, from the soul
  • (ho-) denial/refusing
  • (i-) a little, small, almost non-existent
  • (kyu-) trance-like, infinite
  • (mi-) non-existent
  • (noh-) very much, a lot
  • (pe-) presence of mind
  • (te-) execution state
  • (-ca-) determination, resolution
  • (-ka-) loss, loss of mind/direction
  • (-me-) anger, ire, wrath
  • (-mu-) ecstasy
  • (-o-) nil, nothingness
  • (-ri-) desperation, earnestness
  • (-suu-) hatred
  • (-ta-) impatience
  • (-to-) sadness, misery, sorrow
  • (-we-) happiness, joy
  • (-wez-) pain, agony
  • (-ga) I want this to bloom and last within me
  • (-la) doesn't matter, I'll accept the current situation
  • (-li) I want this to stop soon
  • (-lu) I never want to go back to how I was before
  • (-n) I want this to last
  • (-ne) I am indifferent
  • (-ri) I want this last forever
  • (-sa) I reject this feeling
  • (-ta) I want this to turn to something new
  • (-ve) I don't understand why I feel like this


Basically, the structure of the language is normal, though it follows through this formation below:

{Emotion Cluster + Source of Feelings}={Feelings/Results}

The "Source of Feelings" section is written backwards. It shows what causes these emotions/results to come into being.

Basically, the sentence above translates to "I want to protect and sing to you."

Advanced GrammarEdit

This section contains the advanced grammar sections of Alvuren.

It goes like this when using the Energy Words:

K-[Energy Source] [Source of Energy] W-[Mental Level Status] [Target] [action]

Name Wave Main Power IPA
Shayin Em-Wave Elemental
Giko-meti D-Wave Metal/Material
Luhun-ga H-Wave Spiritual/Mental
Hyalua Hz-Wave Emotion
Xaji-yel K-Wave Space/Matter
Sang-kumda L-Wave Time
Ka-saket-geu M-Wave Movement
Mara-lit-qaf N-Wave Destruction
Ozmu-rudh P-Wave Life
Nun-kepan R-Wave Space-Time
Harasa-tim S-Wave Reality
Seshi-mara Tz-Wave Solar
Uja-ruha U-Wave Resonance
Vuili-qa Vx-Wave Magic
Zuruyo Z-Wave Concept
Name Lv. Requirement IPA
Tayshi 1 Synchronization
Chiyul 2
Suru-yun 3
Qejmey 4
Ji-pren 5 Synchronization/Evangenomization




This is the link: Alvuren/Lexicon

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