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Summary and HistoryEdit

This is the constructed language for the Song Magic of the fan-fictional world Ari'Vecielm.

The language has the full capability of causing the minds/souls of beings to become synchronized, linked or fused, as an efficient way of sharing power, communicating emotionally or to increase the power levels of one's Song Magic.

Writing Edit


As you can see, Alvuren uses the letters show on the left. These letters can be joined like word letter clusters.

Markers and Time TensesEdit

Markers and Time Tenses are prefixes and suffixes that mark and identify the time, area, target or cause in the song sentences.

Suffix Purpose
la- Destination Marker
fi- Location Marker
qa- Quotation Marker
te- Adjective Marker, Adverb Marker
msh- More than...
haq- Alongside, along with, together with...
ra- Ownership Marker
nz- Negation Marker
pa- Cause Marker, Tool Marker, Source Marker
li- Direct Object Marker

Tense SuffixesEdit

Forms Normal Form Passive Form Object Form Literary Meaning
Normal (Past) Form -a -au -ai
Normal (Present) Form -e -eu -ei
Normal (Future) Form -o -ou -oi
Imperative (Past) Form -u -ut -um I had to do that
Imperative (Present) Form -i -it -im (Now + Command Form)
Imperative (Future) Form -n -nu -ni I must do this
Hypothetical (Past) Form -ng -nh -ny
Hypothetical (Present) Form -gn -kli -em If (x) then (y)
Hypothetical (Future) Form -ghi -jio -og So that it happens

Grammar and PunctuationEdit

Hymmno-Synchronization Levels Edit

There are levels of Hymmno-Synchronization involved when two beings or a group Chain-Link with one another.

Ik- First person for the singer that is not Synchronized with another person.

Ehik- This word has the meaning of "I" and "me" when two beings act as one (which is when they are Synchronized with each other)


The language uses a type of suffixes called Emotion Clusters to express the singer/speaker's emotions or the type of subject, either if it is sad or happy.

First Suffix: Intensity Second Suffix: Emotion Third Suffix: Desirability
  • Ar- = Overload
  • Au- = Execution state
  • Dn- = Unwillingness, lethargy
  • Ha- = Presence of mind
  • Hi- = Fairly
  • Ko- = Very much, a lot
  • Pa- = Trance-like
  • Sa- = Mighty, the most important
  • Su- = A little
  • -be- = bravery, courage, valery
  • -ci- = Wishful, sincerity, honesty
  • -ka- = Happiness, joy
  • -ku- = Concentration, focus
  • -na- = Wisdom, knowledge
  • -ne- = Sadness, grief, heartbreak, sorrow
  • -no- = Nothing
  • -ut- = Anger, rage, hatred
  • -va- = Hope, hopefulness
  • -el = I must become one/merge with what makes me feel like this
  • -ha = I must protect/help/heal what makes me feel like this
  • -ra = I am indifferent, I don't mind what happens to me
  • -ri = I never want to go back to how I was before
  • -ta = I want this to stop
  • -te = I must destroy/harm what makes me feel like this
  • -us = I want this to last eternally
  • -ya = I want this to continue


Basically, the structure of the language is normal, though it follows through this formation below:

{Emotion Cluster + Source of Feelings}={Feelings/Results}

The "Source of Feelings" section is written backwards. It shows what causes these emotions/results to come into being.

Ik- I, me, myself (first person)

Yon- You, yourself (second person)

Ha-ci-ya li-yon ik=hy-me-o em pau-o;

(Ha=Presence of mind + Ci=Wishful, honesty, sincerity + Ya=I want this to continue)(you + Direct Object Marker)(I, me)=(sing + future normal form)(and)(protect + future normal form)

Basically, the sentence above translates to "I want to protect and sing to you."

Advanced GrammarEdit

This section contains the advanced grammar sections of Alvuren.

It goes like this when using the Energy Words:

K-[Energy Source] [Source of Energy] W-[Mental Level Status] [Target]

(X-Axis) (K) Energy Source Declaration Finder
Name Em-Wave D-Wave H-Wave Hz-Wave K-Wave L-Wave M-Wave N-Wave P-Wave R-Wave S-Wave Tz-Wave U-Wave Vx-Wave Z-Wave

(Y-Axis) (W) Mental Level Declaration Finder

Pronunciation Shayin Luhun-ga Hyalua Xaji-yel Sang-kumda Ka-saket-geu Mara-lit-qaf Ozmu-rudh Nung-kepan Harasa-tim Ta-hun-ya Uja-ruha Vuili-qa Zuruyo
Main Power Element Metal Anima Emotion Movement Time Destruction Bios Space-Time Reality Sol Resonance Magic Concept
Lv. 1 (Tayshi) Psychic Manipulation Disintegration Healing Transportation Illusion Light, Sol, Lumina Harmony Magic Space, Matter
Lv. 2


Telepathy Connection Chaos Resurrection Fire, heat Connection Enchantment Time, Chronos
Lv. 3 (Suru-yun) Purification Illusion Resonance Curse, jinx, hex Collectivity
Lv. 4 (Qejmey) Spiritualism Communication Manipulation Possibilites

Example TextEdit


This is the list of known words within the Alvuren Dialect.

Word Meaning
a-ka all, every~, everything
a-vaz order, command
a-wey sweep away, shoo away
ahew protect, protection
ahew-el guardian, protector
al this
al-kymby-twr magic, sorcery
altha-tare-ril computer, laptop, PC
alzag-haya magenta, pink, rose, lavender
Ameu-lia Name of the Goddess of Songs, Emotions and Waves
ar-ye day, days
aru night
aug black, dark
aug-cie Hell, Underworld
ba-hem animal, creature, specimen
bara crystal, gem, mineral, crystallize
be-div-rei idiot, fool
beledi forest
ceth tree
cha-tul charm, enchantment, spell
chan-ina Psychic, Psyche, Psychos, the element/concept of Psyche
chu-qi curse, hex, jinx
cie world, universe, realm, dimension
clar applause, clap, encore
cuagau strongly
cuni quickly, quick
djeba star, stars, planet, starry, astral, stellar
djeba-el planet, home planet
djesre-t insanity, madness, insane
dyho distorted, abnormal
dynd (Question Marker) (Placed before sentence)
e-kil now, present (time)
e-lohey-nu everyone, everything
e-lohima resonance, resonate
e-phemau destruction, annihilation, ruin, ruination, devastation
ehtra soul, spirit, heart
el only, unique
el-maa saviour, rescuer, saver, hero
el-nar world, universe
el-tiv birthplace, source of origin
em and
en is, be
erom-bux-fsu-yuw shopping street
Exa-pico Name of the 1st God of Creation and of the World
exudu-nyaha amaranthine
ez the, to, towards, at
frak will, consciousness, sentience, sentient
gacan-hadis green, greenery, nature
haga-dol puppet, doll
hana that is
has-kama thank you
hat-ib illusion, mirage, image
hat-nz reality, truth, real
henear flame, fire
hez-de-kei encyclopedia, book of knowledge
hez-hy-me lyrics, lyric
hez-qem knowledge, wisdom, wise, intelligent
hiz-da-qut Collectivity, the 6th Axis
hmka transcend, surpass, cross, through
hmxt thought, think, imagine
huk-mo name, title
hy-me song, hymn, Spell Song, to sing
hyz-ik singer
ianew however, even so, but
ih I, me, myself
ihe-omunu family, relatives
ihehy we, us, ourselves
imnra hope
in very, greatly, severely
ina-hisa purity, innocence
Infe-qra Name of the Goddess of Love and Beauty
ixe respect, admiration, honour
ke-dei script, book, manuscript, scroll
ke-vez however, but, even so
kem no matter what~
kide-sha-nu even now
kiyang enemy, opponent
kof from the (Subject form) (It means something coming from a specific person or subject)
kyja-zan evil, malice, evil being, cruelty, demon, monster
l-kari-mati judgement
la-lehu-tampi Multiverse, the 7th Axis
la-qeltu enhancement, upgrade
lanu Time, Chronos, Tempus (The 4th Dimension) The 4th Axis
le-shim-kha melody, (sound) waves, tune
leho-dot monster, monstrosity, inhuman, beast, creature
leq-gede rose quartz
li-kha flower, flora
lir-o-tan Darkness, dark, Tenebrus, Umbra, the element of Darkness
lulr come, arrive, visit
luyb approach, come
maa-neb-tiv homeworld, homeland, home
me-des disaster, calamity, catastrophe, apocalypse
mer from a... (object form) (It means something that comes from an object)
mes-en pain, agony
mew manipulate, control, influence (qualities/concepts/elements)
mewet building, house
mewet-hez library, place of knowledge, database, archive
mi-neb city, town, village
mi-uz population, populate
miew labyrinth, maze
mish-pa-ti race, species
mnjm computer, device
mnzl heart, middle, center, core, center of feelings
Morf-etl Name of the God of Death and Ruler of the Realm of the Dead, Siolnehem
mow connect, link with, tie together
mwhm-ha balance, harmony, concord, order
n-ibn glorious, divine, amazing, brilliant, excellent, perfect, flawless, outstanding, terrific
na-chash abuse, torture, cruelty
neb from... (It means from a location/area/place)
nedj freedom, salvation, free
neken water, Hydros, Aqua, the element of Water
neshny ruler, leader, throne
nif-le love, lovely, lovingly
nise-kha Light, Phos, Lumen, the element of Light
osete despair, grief, sadness, sorrow, sorrowful, of despair, of sadness
pau protect, safeguard, protection
puam (physical) power, strength
qedet female, girl, woman, women, lady, mistress
r-gs very, incredibly
r-pr therefore, thus
r-sy yet
r-xnw one
ra that
re-a-khet origin, source
rek lover
Revmo-rila Name of the Goddess of Dreams and Memory
rhir end, ending, finish, put an end to
rq-ib bad, terrible, horrible
sa-kuya white, snow, pure
seba system, technology, network
seba-shen security
sedjet red, crimson, scarlet, blood
sefet trauma
sen operate, work
senef soul, spirit, ghost
shay friend, companion, ally, teammate, friendly
shebi goodbye, farewell
shef-dew correct, amend, rectify, stabilise, balance
shel-yesta star, planet
shen save, salvation, rescue
shenew yellow
sige dandelion
smr-waty cherry blossom, sakura
st-ib blue, aqua, cyan, aquamarine
sul from
Tim-oya Name of the Primordial God of Time
tiv from, derived from
tjaw eternal, eternity, for eternity, eternally
uam town, village
ubu-juthu city, town, metropolis
unpun therefore, thus
uz of
ve-al forever, always, mostly
ve-tsi-vanu End of the World
vi-cimra melody, sound waves, tune, music
vie-qutun sleep, slumber
Vuili-qa Vx-Waves (Mana/Magic Energy)
xern for the sake of...
xry-hbt lavender
xsha-yathia good-hearted, good people, kind-hearted, kindness, pure-hearted souls
xtmw-xrya divinity, ethereal, Aether, Caelum, the element of Aether, heavenly, holy, celestial
yincha metamorphosis, alternation
yincha-uz evolution, growth, evolve, grow
yon you
yona you (plural)
yor your
yua-mila life, Bios, Vita, the concept of life
zenchi Space, Spacium, The 3rd Dimension, world, universe, the 3rd Axis
zn change, alter, transform

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