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Word Order: Subject-Abj-Object-Abj-Abj-Verb Verbs and Nouns are not inflected nor given tense. Nouns do not have gender. All words are monosyllabic. There are no definite nor indefinite articles. To distinguish an action that occurred in the past from an action presently occurring, one uses certain words pertaining to time, as particles; words like, today, right now, or some day. Adjectives always follow nouns, while preceding verbs. There are 5 tones, that being: rising, falling, rising-falling, falling-rising, and flat tone. These 5 tones will be represented by the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Particles are used in this language to distinguish between the doer of the action and the one who was affected by the doer's actions. PHONOLOGY


P unaspirated p. ph aspirated p, not to be confused with English Ph as in phone. b m t unaspirated dental t sound, pronounced with the tongue upon the back of the teeth. th aspirated t, not to be confused with English Th as in through or they. d dental d sound. n dental n sound ʈ unaspirated retroflex stop ʈh aspirated retroflex stop ɖ voiced retroflex stop l ts unaspirated dental tsh aspirated dental dz dental s dental z dental ʈʂ unaspirated retroflex sibilant ʈʂʰ aspiratd retroflex sibilant ɖʐ ʂ ʐ tɕ tɕh dʑ ɕ ʑ k unaspirated kh aspirated, not to be confused with guttural Arabic or Hebrew sounds. g ŋ VOWELS a as in father. o as in abode. e as in bed. y as in seed. i as in sit. w as in boo. u as in some

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