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Arlesong Note is a song dialect used in the fan world of Ari'Ve. It is a dialect used among Clusternia Note, Alvuren, Neonova and Ve'Cyel by the Hymmniel Clan's Song Magic.

History Edit

Writing Edit

Grammar Edit

1st Marker: Level 2nd Marker: Emotion 3rd Marker: Desirability
  • Chu- Non-existent
  • Jol- Fairly
  • Mem- Execution state
  • Nav- A little
  • Nun- Intentional, artificial
  • Og- Presence of mind
  • Rhi- Trance-like
  • Row- Overwhelming
  • Waw- Unconscious, lethargy
  • Yhu- Very much
  • Acu- Heartbreak, grief, anguish
  • Alm- Desperation, earnestness
  • Chi- Honour, pride
  • Dje- Calmness, nil
  • Emu- Relief, gladness
  • Epr- Vengeful, full of vengeance
  • Equa- Wishful
  • Hra- Sincerity, honesty
  • Iex- Sadness, sorrow, misery
  • Jap- Embarrassment, humiliation
  • Kai- Worry, concern
  • Ku- Concentration, focus
  • Lha- Hope, of hope
  • Nko- Honour, admiration, respect
  • Olm- Anger, hatred, wrath, rage
  • Phia- Purity, goodness, good will
  • Qar- Pain, agony
  • Sek- Determination, willpower
  • Shira- Love
  • Sifr- Nervousness, excitement
  • Sin- Violence, bloodlust
  • Tau- Empathy, understanding, sympathy, pity
  • Tav- Fear, terror, anxiety
  • Ucc- Fervour, rush
  • Yde- Raw dislike
  • Yin- Bravery, courage
  • Yira- Joy, happiness
  • Yla- Raw/great acceptance
  • Yod- Insanity, madness, bloodlust
  • Zen- Justice, righteousness
  • Apa- I am weakened by this feeling
  • Eta- Doesn't matter, I'll accept the current situation
  • Ha- I must help/protect what makes me feel like this
  • La- I want this to last forever
  • Ma- I must destroy what makes me feel like this
  • Mel- I want this to stop
  • Mu- I am indifferent
  • Nh- I must become one with what makes me feel like this
  • No- I never want to go back to how I was before
  • Nxu- I accept this upon insanity
  • Odi- I must fulfil/complete this feeling
  • Phi- I deserve this, this is my fate
  • Qe- I want this to last
  • Ygy- I am strengthened by this feeling

Prefix Modifiers and Prefix Markers Edit

For words starting with vowels For words starting with consonants
Future Marker eq' ef'
Present (Progressive) Marker et' ee'
Past Marker ag' ar'
Passive Modifier au' az'
Hypothetical Marker du' ea'
Direct Object Marker oz' og'
Destination Marker kl' ks'
Adjective Marker nm' nu'
Adverb Marker ne' ng'
Noun Marker ra' re'
Imperative Marker ru' so'
Negation Marker ut' na'
Subject Object Marker uz' nr'
Pronoun Marker nz' ir'
Tool Marker za' ya'
Cause Marker pe' ka'

Codexsphere Functions Edit

Symbols Edit

Symbol Pronunciation Purpose
0 o For words with 1 syllable
1 i For words with 2 syllables
2 e For words with 3 syllables
3 u For words with 4 syllables
4 a For words with 5 syllables
5 n For words with 6 syllables
6 s For words with 7 syllables
7 h For words with 8 syllables
8 m For words with 9 syllables
9 f For words with 10 syllables
x gu
Xc= zeku State Codexsphere Syllable Code

System Controls Edit

(I) Effect (II) Energy (III) Target (IV) Source
  • 0- Effect materialises from the vicinity of the singer outwards
  • 1- Effect is executed through specified points and targets by the singer
  • 2- Effect is executed by the singer to the target, then returns to the singer
  • 3- Effect materialises over the area singer is in, and will spread on the maximum level and area the singer can bear
  • 4- Effect is executed through random, unspecified points by the Song itself
  • A- P-Waves (Life Energy)
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E
  • F- Em-Waves (Elemental Energy)
  • G
  • H- Hz-Waves (Emotion/Sentience Energy)
  • I
  • J- M-Waves (Movement Energy)
  • K
  • L
  • M
  • N
  • O
  • P- D-Waves (Material/Matter Energy)
  • Q
  • R
  • S- H-Waves (Mental/Spiritual Energy)
  • T
  • U
  • V- Vx-Waves (Mana/Magic Energy)
  • W
  • X
  • Y- Z-Waves (Concept Energy)
  • Z
  • Z- Me/Myself
  • A- Animasphere
  • B- SD-Wave Plane (Reality/Physical World)
  • 3- You/Someone/Target
  • R- Vicinity/Surrounding area
  • G- Server/System/Network
  • N- Aurum Zeta
  • 8- Quon Desila
  • L- Yggdrasil
  • M- Specific Location (Area is specified through the Song itself)
  • 2- Me/Myself
  • E- Quon Desila
  • F- Aurum Zeta
  • B- Yggdrasil
  • 7- Augustina Tower

Codexsphere Syllables Edit

The Codexsphere Syllables is very similar to the Binasphere Functions, but it divides and activates codes with syllables.

Forms and Classes Edit

Class Description and Use
Alpha Ciela
Beta D1A

Lexicon Edit

To see the words of Arlesong Note, click here. Arlesong Note/Lexicon

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