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Arlesong Note is a song dialect used in the fan world of Ari'Ve. It is a dialect used among Clusternia Note, Alvuren, Neonova and Ve'Cyel by the Hymmniel Clan's Song Magic.

History Edit

Writing Edit

Grammar Edit

1st Marker: Level 2nd Marker: Emotion 3rd Marker: Desirability
  • Chu- Non-existent
  • Jol- Fairly
  • Mem- Execution state
  • Nav- A little
  • Nun- Intentional, artificial
  • Og- Presence of mind
  • Rhi- Trance-like
  • Row- Overwhelming
  • Waw- Unconscious, lethargy
  • Yhu- Very much
  • Acu- Heartbreak, grief, anguish
  • Alm- Desperation, earnestness
  • Chi- Honour, pride
  • Dje- Calmness, nil
  • Emu- Relief, gladness
  • Epr- Vengeful, full of vengeance
  • Equa- Wishful
  • Hra- Sincerity, honesty
  • Iex- Sadness, sorrow, misery
  • Jap- Embarrassment, humiliation
  • Kai- Worry, concern
  • Ku- Concentration, focus
  • Lha- Hope, of hope
  • Nko- Honour, admiration, respect
  • Olm- Anger, hatred, wrath, rage
  • Phia- Purity, goodness, good will
  • Qar- Pain, agony
  • Sek- Determination, willpower
  • Shira- Love
  • Sifr- Nervousness, excitement
  • Sin- Violence, bloodlust
  • Tau- Empathy, understanding, sympathy, pity
  • Tav- Fear, terror, anxiety
  • Ucc- Fervour, rush
  • Yde- Raw dislike
  • Yin- Bravery, courage
  • Yira- Joy, happiness
  • Yla- Raw/great acceptance
  • Yod- Insanity, madness, bloodlust
  • Zen- Justice, righteousness
  • Apa- I am weakened by this feeling
  • Eta- Doesn't matter, I'll accept the current situation
  • Ha- I must help/protect what makes me feel like this
  • La- I want this to last forever
  • Ma- I must destroy what makes me feel like this
  • Mel- I want this to stop
  • Mu- I am indifferent
  • Nh- I must become one with what makes me feel like this
  • No- I never want to go back to how I was before
  • Nxu- I accept this upon insanity
  • Odi- I must fulfil/complete this feeling
  • Phi- I deserve this, this is my fate
  • Qe- I want this to last
  • Ygy- I am strengthened by this feeling

Prefixes and Suffixes Edit

Prefix Markers Edit

(For ownership markers, the owner goes before the owned)

For words starting with vowels For words starting with consonants Function
Adjective Modifier an' ar' changes joined word into an adjective
Adverb Modifier al' au' changes joined word into an adverb
Cause Marker kl' ga' marks joined word as cause of something, an event or subject
Tool Marker ririp' tuli' marks joined word as the object someone uses to do something
Destination Marker dn' ee' marks joined word as the area one wishes to get to
Direct Object Marker eh' du' marks joined word as the direct target of the sentence
Location Marker en' et' marks joined word as a location, an area, or a place that one will come from
Negation Modifier zn' em' changes meaning joined word of joined word into reversal, making the action joined with "don't", "cannot", "can't" and such
Noun Modifier ks' ma' changes joined word into noun
Passive Modifier nx' na' changes joined word to act passive, as if the action is being performed.
Ownership Marker in' ra' Marks joined word with ownership. Owner goes before owned.
Plural Modifier yil' uta' Marks joined word with the meaning that there is more than one object.
Quotation Marker vl' sa' Marks joined word to give emphasis of object
State Marker oz' ut' Marks joined word into a state word with is the state someone is in
Subject Marker yil' uv' Marks joined word as a subject, usually used for names, identities, pronouns and more important concepts.
Verb Modifier vit' sie' changes joined word into verb

Time Suffixes Edit

For words ending with vowels For words ending with consonants Meaning
Present (blank)
Past -mu -ir I did~
Future -ti -ol I will~, I shall~
Hypothetical -ne -ae So that ~ it happens
Imperative -to -umi (Now + Command Form)
Desirative -yen -imen I want~, I wish that~
Requestive -shi -ota Please~
Potential-Permissive -pre -ure So I can~, Let me~

Codexsphere Functions Edit

Symbols Edit

Symbol Pronunciation Purpose
0 o For words with 1 syllable
1 i For words with 2 syllables
2 e For words with 3 syllables
3 u For words with 4 syllables
4 a For words with 5 syllables
5 n For words with 6 syllables
6 y For words with 7 syllables
7 h For words with 8 syllables
8 w For words with 9 syllables
9 f For words with 10 syllables
x gu
Xc= zeku State Codexsphere Syllable Code

System Controls Edit

(I) Effect (II) Energy (III) Target (IV) Source
  • 0- Effect materialises in defined execution points, aiming for coordinated targets, creating an inside -> outside flow of energy
  • 1- Effect materialises over the maximum radius the singer can bear
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E- Hz-Waves (Emotion)
  • F
  • G
  • H- Z-Waves (Concept)
  • I
  • J
  • K
  • L
  • M
  • N
  • O
  • P- N-Waves (Destruction)
  • Q
  • R
  • S- P-Waves (Life)
  • T
  • U
  • V- ID Code
  • W
  • X- Vx-Waves (Mana)
  • Y
  • Z
  • A- Me/Myself/I
  • E- You/Other Person/Target
  • I- Target Location (Defined by Song)
  • N- Server/System/Network
  • O
  • U
  • J- Me/Myself/I
  • Q- Vicinity, Surroundings
  • V- Server/System
  • X- Animasphere
  • Y
  • Z

Codexsphere Syllables Edit

The Codexsphere Syllables is very similar to the Binasphere Functions, but it divides and activates codes with syllables.

Lexicon Edit

To see the words of Arlesong Note, click here. Arlesong Note/Lexicon

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