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A Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
acyn v./n. kiss
aejlak n. Possibilities, Possibility (2nd Axis)
aeru n. air, Aer, the element of Air
Aethelm Pron. Name of the Personification God of the Sun and Day
agalafei adj./adv. divine, holy, celestial, heavenly, ethereal, godly
alaitiran n. miracle, work of the gods
albia adj. white
alcairi n. lyrics, composition
alefni v. to betray
ali v. reveal, discover, find out, disclose, show, unveil, open
allwni n. shield, fortification, barrier, mirror, defences, guard, security
alr v. become, transform into
am v. be, is
Amuelia Pron. Name of the Goddess of Songs, Emotion and Waves
amyet n. arm, shoulder
an and
Ancorielda Pron. Name of the Goddess of Magic
anh v. execute, invoke, initialize
aori n. heart, soul, core
aree this, there, that, these
Ari=Vecielm Pron. Name of the Mother Planet and its Will
astela n. star, planet
ateweng n. lust, desire, want
Atherizna Pron. Name of the Goddess of Knowledge and Intellect
avaaloon n./v. resurrect, resurrection, revive, revival, rebirth
ax even now...

B Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
bakasmar n. idiot, fool
bep adj. idiotic, foolish, stupid
boux v. operate, work
buan v. feel, sense

C Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
cela v./n. smile, laugh
chnu v. love (someone)
ci v. fail, lose
cie n. sky, atmosphere
cielle n. world, universe
ciole n. dimension, world, universe, realm
cxolon n./state. danger, warning, caution

D Edit

Word Class Meaning Reading
dahirinta n./adj. harmony, concord, balance, equality, of harmony
daj v. win, have victory, be victorious
daje v. resonate, resound, echo, reverberate
danibasim n. illusion, mirage, image, projection, hologram, delusion, hallucination
daws v. install, download into, insert, enter, input
demajari n./adj. radiation, nuclear, energy, of radiation
domixren n. representation, symbol, manifestation, embodiment, personification
dul v. hold, wield, possess, carry
dzez v. create, make, give birth to

E Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
ebejethe n. mistress, beautiful lady, angel, virgin, maiden, lady
ef that (Used before a consonant sound)
eidran n. island, continent, isle
ejubima n. school, university, college
ejujyde n. spell, curse, hex, jinx, charm, enchantment, technique
ejuse n. person, people, someone
ejwo n./v. fear, terror, anxiety, panic
elei v. hear, listen
eleze n. melody, tune, sound waves
emuryaton n. cradle, source of origin, birthplace, narthex
ende because, because of, due to
enu v. trust, have faith in, believe
eor v. hint, suggest
epesear n. weapon, artillery
eq that
erddak n. sadness, grief, sorrow, despair, lament, lamentation
erih like, as if...
erthek mission, objective, task, duty, goal
et that (Used before a vowel sound)
etygyde n. magic, sorcery
etysobe adj. phenomenal, mystical, magical, supernatural
eve v. awaken, stir
Evidelo Pron. Name of the Demon God of Judgement and Justice
Exapico Pron. Name of the 1st God, the God of Creation and Creator of the World
exarengu n. tunnel, passage
exosea n. dream, daydream
eyd v. move
eyem v. see, watch, view, look, gaze at

F Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
feixya n. good person, kind-hearted people, gooddoer
feleon n. nightmare, delusion
fesayar n. spiral, helix
feslyne n./adj. joy, happiness, happy, joyful
fiora n. flower, plant
forven v. commit suicide, kill oneself
fyr n./adj. unique, only (one)

G Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
gaveloril n. evil person, evildoer, criminal, sinner, demon
geciep n. suicide
geteor n. earth, Geo, Terra, the element of Earth, ground, surface

H Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
ha he
hala they (masculine)
hamayir n. restoration, healing, regeneration
har him
has his
hcuu v. restrain, restrict, paralyse, freeze, stop, halt, suspend
he she
hentyreva n. harmony, concord, balance, peace, tranquility
het her
hgm they (masculine)
hivila v. know, understand, empathise with
hkyin n. book, manuscript, script, tome, something containing knowledge
hol v. craft, create (with magic)
htaunglwhar n. samsara, endless cycle of life and death
hydau n./adj. water, Aqua, Hydros, the element of Water, wet
hymmel n. song, hymn
Hymmelion Pron./n. Hymmniel Clan, Hymmnosen
hyng v. to sing

I Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
ih me, I, myself
ijeka violent, dangerous, risky
ikwolo n. anger, hatred, wrath
Illumena Pron. Name of the Goddess of Light
Infechra Pron. Name of the Goddess of Beauty and Love
inhia v./n. blossom, bloom
isenzo Time, the 4th Axis, the Concept of Time
isuti adj. forever, eternally
ithellen n. hailstorm, hail, rain, thunderstorm, thunder, storm
iz of

J Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
janayo n. living being, people, citizens, society
Jenyuro Pron. Name of the God of Discord and Chaos
jesil n./v. name, title, entitle
jidaqui n./adj. destruction, ruin, devastation, annihilation, destructive

K Edit

Word Class Meaning Reading
kanda n./adj. of evil, evil
Kataj Pron. Name of the God of the Seas and Waters
kayar n. sky, the skies, atmosphere
kayip v. give, bestow, send
kelthiza n./adv. psyche, mind, Psychos, the concept of Psyche/Mind, psychic, spiritualism
kim v. fight, resist, repel, defend, attack, challenge, battle
kitanan spectrum
kor v. change, transform, turn into

L Edit

Word Class Meaning Reading
lamanet n./adj. lamentation, of lament
laroc adj. silly, stupid, foolish, awkward, idiotic
liashya n. hope
lobh n./v. vow, promise
loseres n. evil, cruelty, malice, evil ones, evil people
lujbelu n. name, title
lumira n./adj./adv. light, Lumina, the element of Light, radiant, radiantly
lyusada n./adj. Caelum, Aether, the element of Aether, divine, divinity

M Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
manantuk n. agriculture, farming
manuk v. connect, tie together, link with, synchronize
Marelso Pron. Name of the God of War and Battle
measire n. measurement, level, calculation, estimation
Morthetl Pron. Name of the God of Death and Ruler of Siolnehem
mvlekey n,\. thunder, fulmination, lightning

N Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
nasini n. prism, 3D object
nilezzhe adj. beautiful, lovely, wonderful
Niro Pron. Name of the Elf God of Mischief and Deception
nojanil n. madness, insanity
nu this, that

O Edit

Word Class Meaning
obdoi v. scream, shout
Olymorn Pron. Name of the God of Poverty, Death and Illness
omokoi n./adj. unseen, unheard, unknown
orizhoxe adj. magenta, pink, rose (colour)
osapens n. problem, situation, test, trial, question
ox pron. we (object)

P Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
pahan no matter what
patut v. help, assist, aid
pfaxe n. demise, end
pilin v. begin, start
pona v. initialize, begin, execute
puvad v. raise, grow, nurture, nourish
pwalhcaemhu n. computer, PC, laptop, COM
pyinri n. hair
pyren n. fire, Pyros, the element of Fire

Q Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
qapmeh v. give, bestow
qatryib v. accept and reject
qonos n./v. death, kill, murder, die
qsastn n. twilight, midnight
quaryna n. galaxy
Quon=Desila Pron. Name of the Clusternia Note Server Satellite
qvala n. love, affection, infatuation, care

R Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
raaly v. sing, play (an instrument), perform
raalyne n. song, hymn
rajinina n./adv. truth, sincerity, honesty, of truth
raterid n. way, path
renren n. system, network
reseithis n. change, transformation, alternation, metamorphosis
Revmorila Pron. Name of the Goddess of Dreams and Memory
rhael v. hope for, wish for
rhayena n. hope, wish
rhyrw v. explode, burst, snap
rlebeojo v. don't want to be
roney adj./n. blind, blinded
rosela n. rose, rose petal
rundaerion n. computer, PC, laptop
rungphray n. misfortune, bad luck

S Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
sanlitei n. field, plains, landscape, farm
sauthir v. protect, guard, defend
scip v. die, pass away, wither
seralehn n. society, world, all people, citizen, denizens, all existences
seresol n. knowledge, wisdom, data, information
shan v. come, arrive, visit
sif this, that, there
sihung v. overlap, pile up
silie soon, later
sipres n. home, den, residence, homeworld, homeland
sizihija n. breeze, whisper
sjajle maybe, one day, someday
soh in regards to.., specifying (a subject)
sok we (subject)
som v. manipulate, control, influence
sovemi v. to bully, harass, humiliate, embarrass, make a fool out of

T Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
talenn please, I beg you
tamen v. purge, erase, delete, remove
tanhar n./adj. boy, male, man, men, musculine
taysan adj. false, untrue
tenum n./adj. darkness, Umbra, Tenebrus, the element of darkness
Terraia Pron. Name of the Goddess of Nature, Harvest and Agriculture
tesu v. remember, recognize
tetjr n. land, earth, surface
tharen please
thekeze n. friend, comrade, acquaintance, ally, teammate, companion, partner
tihingan n. manipulation, control, influence
tikwa adj. momentary, temporary, ephemeral
Timoya Pron. Name of the Personification God of Time and History
tkehtra n. constellation, celestial body
todos adv. certainly, surely, absolutely
txot v. destroy, ruin, annihilate, devastate
tyaloar n. foot

U Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
uon adj./n. all, everything, every~
upeae n. extinction, the extinction of the world, the end of everything
Ureshila Pron. Name of the Goddess of Creativity and Craftsmanship
urid v. come, visit, arrive
usi adj./state. precise, accurate, blunt, straight-forward

V Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
vai v. craft, create (with magic)
Valforz Pron. Name of the King of Gods and God of the Skies
vaynio adj. broken, malfunctioned
vecielje n. realm, dimension
velentaen n./adj. beloved (ones)
veli v. fire, shoot, unleash, blast
viejamiga n. healing, restoration, regeneration
vierllosa n. serenade
Violqort Pron. Name of the God of Violence, Disaster and Calamity
vin in order to...
virin adj./n. green, greenery
vistar n. fate, destiny
vrexta n. water, Aqua, Hydro, the element of Water

W Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
waidha adv./adj. scary, terrifying, horrid
wesen adj. dreadful, horrible, terrible, awful

X Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
xihotor n. despair, hopelessness, depression
Xilqorik Pron. Name of the God of Fire and Civilization
xloqal v. drown, be consumed by, to be submerged in
xnaleb v. to have a vision/moment that changes (you)
xokolo adj. cold, freezing, icy
xuyanthala n. serenade, sonata, symphony, anthem, hymn, musical composition, etude

Y Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
yanguu n. hand, finger, palm
yathyanam n. manipulation, control, influence
ye these, this
yehjad n./v. judgement, administer judgement to, judge
yergely v. despair, grieve, cry, wallow in misery, lament
yesnej v. to spare, to show mercy
Yggdrasil Pron. Name of the Tree of Life, Server of the Alvuren Note
yoladan n. English, literature, grammar
yon pron. you (subject) yohn
yona pron. you (subject plural) yoh-nah
yoni you (object) yoh-nih
yonia you (object plural) yoh-nee-yah
yor your YOHR
yudjeha n. melody, sound waves, tune yoo-jeh-hah
Yurriphella Pron. Name of the Goddess of Harmony and Order
yzaafu adj. false, not real

Z Edit

Word Class Meaning Normal Phonation
zhenarbi n. humanity, race, species
zhilsolya n. knowledge, information, data
zhinar n./v. desire, lust, want
zoighbes n. time, Chronos, Tempus, the 4th Dimension/Axis, the element/concept of Time
zokulanjuwa n. science, chemistry, physics
zucheng n. beast, animal, creature

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