This will be a stack-based language now.


Bilabial Labiodental Linguolabial Alveolar Retroflex Palatal Velar Uvular
Voiced /m/ (m) /ɱ/ (mf) /n̼/ (np) /n/ (nd) /ɳ/ (nr) /ɲ/ (ny) /ŋ/ (ng) /ɴ/ (nq)
Labialized /mʷ/ (mw) /ɱʷ/ (mfw) /n̼ʷ/ (npw) /nʷ/ (nw) /ɳʷ/ (ndw) /ɲʷ/ (nyw) /ŋʷ/ (ngw) /ɴʷ/ (nqw)
Front Back
Oral Normal /ø/ (e) /o/ (o)
Geminate /ø:/ (ee) /o:/ (oo)
Nasal Normal /ø̃/ (ew) /õ/ (ow)
Geminate /ø̃:/ (eew) /õ:/ (oow)

The syllable structure is (C)CVC(C), so the word has to be surrounded by consonants.

Two consonants with the same point of articulation but different secondary articulations cannot be distinguished from those with the same primary and secondary articulations. These will become the geminated form of the second letter, shown by doubling the last letter

All of the words are monosyllabic. This would be a problem, but thanks to the phonetic rules, there are 16 (all consonants) X 16 (all consonants - PS + space) X 8 (vowel) X 16 (repeat of first) X 16 (repeat of second) = 524,288 words, far more than any reasonable English document lists for the number of English words. (Yes; I am implying that the people who say English has 1 million words are being unreasonable.)

nnoomm /n:o:m:/ is the name of the language.


The language is OSV and completely analytic. All words can be verbs, and the only way to know which ones are actually verbs.

Mweenmw mnenmf meem. = (The/an) apple has (the/a) pillow.

Word ListEdit

Alphabetical Word ListEdit

mom = NIP momn = cause mnenmf = mnenqny = meem = be.obtainer.of mweenmw = mfondng = delete until last END mfnemfm = be.consumer.of npneenpn = be.happy.through npnewn = SWITCH npwnenqnw = be.difficult.through nom = DUP nonym = COUNTERROTATE nen = END nenng = be.water.on newngg = nnoomm = nnownq = nndemfn = nnqendd = neewmfnd = (use magic on) nwewngnd = be.blood.of nwoond = be.belonging.of nnwom = be.activator.of ndonym = ROTATE ndeemng = be.tree.of ndmeewnp = newnpp = be.far.from nymoonggw = have.memory.of ngewmnp = be.processing-rearranging.of ngmeendn = be.a.metal.shape.of ngnyomn = be.talking.about nggenqw = nqeewnd = nqwoown = be.floating.on

Function Word ListEdit

nom = DUP (du) nen = END (e) mom = NIP (bom) mfondng = delete until last END (frong) ndonym = ROTATE (ronh) nonym = COUNTERROTATE (lonh)

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