Person: Intransitive, Transitive, Ditransitive, Tritransitive. Ditransitive mooches off place/manner, and tritransitive always mooches off manner. It's different depending on what kind of thing the argument is referring to and whether that thing being referred to is actually part of the sentence, making the language highly fusional. DIT = NOM ACC INSTR TRIT = NOM ACC INSTR GEN
Time: This can be generic or specific. This usually takes numbers, and it can be conflated with aspect, so this leads to things like generic future ONCE being future momentane, essentially.
Manner: This is the most fluid. It can end up being filled up with "an" (filler particle). Place: It's the ending or starting point of the action, or the place in which the thing described by the action takes place.

There are a lot of subtle holes, but I don't know which

Apsook. I eat it.


Front (Not shown) Central (i) Back (u)
Bilabial Bidental Labiodental Dentolabial Linguolabial Interdental
Fricative ɸ͈ {f} h̪͈͆ {s} f͈ {if} ɸ͈͆ {is} θ̼͈ {uf} θ̪͈͆ {us}
Stop p {p} ʭ {k} p̪ {ip} p͆ {ik} t̼ {up} t̪͆ {uk}
Approximant ɸ {w} h̪͆ {l} ʋ̥ {iw} ɸ͆ {il} θ̼ {uw} θ̪͆ {ul}
Trill ʙ̥ {v} ʙ̥̪ {iv} r̼ {uv}
Back Central Front
High i u


Sentence Structure

Technically, the sentence structure should be rigid, but it isn't.

Normal Sentence Structure Verb Cause Place Time Manner


Verbs conjugate for person and then how the person was affected by the verb.

Verb Conjugations for Person
1st (I) 2nd (you) 3rd (it) 4th (one) 1st inc. (me and you) 2nd inc. (you and them)
o of ok oik ouf ouk

There are no cases.

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