Baikalian (Quaicuāliahjuiquāliaq) is the language of the imaginary culture of the Baikalians, which live on the northwest shore of lake Baikal.

Basic GrammarEdit

The Baikalian Alphabet Edit

Latin Cyrillic Example Notes
Aa Аа father ~
Āā Аа аа ~ long
Ăă Ӑӑ hut short
Ãã Яя yard pr. ya
Ää Ӭӭ cat ~
Ââ Ээ pet = e
Ǎǎ Ѐѐ ~ betw. e & i
Bb Бб brick ~
Cc Кк cat = k, q
Čč Чч chair pr. ch
Çç Ҷҷ ~ soft xx
Dd Дд dog ~
Ðð Дь дь ~ soft d
Ee Ээ pet = â
Ēē Ээ ээ ~ long
Ěě Ее ~ soft
Ẽẽ Ёё yolk pr. yo
Ff Фф fist ~
Gg Гг grade ~
Hh Ӆӆ ~ not pronounced
Ĥĥ Хх hat ~
Ȟȟ Ққ ~ = ĥĥ
Ii Ии read ~
Ĭĭ Йй yes ~
Īī Ии ии ~ long
Jj Жж ~ ~
Xx xx Џџ ~ ~


Dictionary Edit

Numbers Edit

1 unx унц
2 quax куац
3 rel рел
4 curel курел
5 huaqiaq хуакиак
6 dexȳliaq децӣлиак
7 sabiajiaq сабиажиак
8 qūstixiaq куустициак
9 loreniaj лорениаж
10 aãj аяж
50 huaqiaqaãj хуакиакаяж
100 liqterreuliaq ликтерреулиак
1000 hjōllōxiahjuijiaq йооллооциайижиак

Example textEdit

Isaac Asimov - Nemesis. Prologue

    He sat there alone, enclosed. Outside were the stars, and one particular star with its small system of worlds. He could see it in his mind's eye, more clearly than he would see it in reality if he merely de-opacified the window. A small star, pinkish-red, the color of blood and destruction, and named appropriately. Nemesis!

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