Example of "Back-Heavy" Language
  Labial Dental Denti-alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular Pharyngeal Glottal
 Plain  Emphatic
Nasal [m]   [n]            
Plosive Voiceless     [t] [tˠ]~[dˠ]   [k]     [ʔ]
Voiced [b]   [d] [ɟ]   [qˠ]    
Fricative Voiceless [f] [θ] [s] [sˠ] [ɕ]   [χˠ] [ħ] [h]
Voiced   [ð] [z] [ðˠ]     [ʁˠ] [ʕ]  
Lateral     [l]~[lˠ] [ɮˠ]          
Tap     [ɾˠ]~[ɾ]~[ɾ]            
Approximant         [j] [w]      

Light a fire! It's conspiracy theory central!

h = [ħ]
c = [ɕ]
j = [ðˠ]

Jeofksnsjlzmzhcs djzmsn sdkx sjskskkanfnf dkcolsnsidosmdn.

I typed some random letters and wrote this sentence as its translation.

Jeofk[sns]jlzmzhc(s) djz(m[s]n) sdkx sjsk(sk)kanf(nf) dkcol[sns]ido(s)(m[d]n).

Apparent approx translation: {Wrote} RELATIONAL {and} {random words} {typed+RELATED}.

In order of discovery (Note all tentative and unconfirmed){Thank Klingon! jIQaplI'!}
sjskskkanfnf = random letters (sjskkanf ~~ words? random word?) Is it composed of smaller words?
sdkx = and
-sns- = infix "I"
djz-, djzm- = translation/shifting of something?
-m-n- = connector, where - is replaced by : -d- = actor, -s- = pointing thing
-s(-) = past

dkcol-ido- = - type
Jeofk-jlzmzhc- = - write

idos-mdn djz-msn

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