• João "like rio" Dinis


    I'm Mordecai Mapper (João "like rio" Dinis one the wikia) and I'm trying to build up this language that it's Tribadic Mind.

    I need help from someone that knows a lot about Phonetics and Phoneology for helping me in the build up of the vowels, consoants and editing the alphabet. My main purpose is to make this language more close to Portuguese with a misture of English anf German.

    Hope I can recive help!

    Thanks for your atention,

    Mordecai Mapper

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  • Ælfwine

    Creating Fjallandic

    February 16, 2017 by Ælfwine

    Fjallandic is a partial worldbuilding/partial thought experiment on how a language or dialect of Old Norwegian might arise in (partial) isolation. Fjalland is a fictional region northeast of Trondheim that, like Elfdalian, preserves several extinct Old Norse features while innovating new features.

    Some of the features of Fjallandic are discussed below:

    Like Old Norse, Modern Fjallandic has only three regular vowels in unstressed positions – /a i u/. Most traces of Old Norse unstressed vowels have reduced to schwa or syncoped entirely. These new vowels are instead from sequences that contain two similar vowels and either a nasal consonant or a dental fricative in between. (This was taken from ED with permission.)

    Like Swedish and Norwegian, Fj…

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  • Ælfwine

    Creating Greenlandic

    December 24, 2016 by Ælfwine

    Mission: The goal is to construct a naturalistic, a-posteriori conlang, derived from 10th century Old Norse and spoken in Greenland, after centuries of isolation from mainland Europe but reoccurring contact with Native Americans. I intend there to be two main dialects, both of which correspond to the two major historical settlements in Greenland by the Norse: The Western Settlement and the Eastern Settlement. Because it is known that the Norse Greenlanders were in contact with the Inuit, I expect the language to be moderately influenced by that language, possibly taking in a number of loan words or grammatical features. However, I am hesitant to completely supplant the grammar of Greenlandic with that of the Inuit-Eskimo languages. As this…

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  • Landen Schmidt

    See on Conworld wiki -> [1]

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  • Televido

    English Like French?

    July 30, 2016 by Televido

    Some think English is like French with all their contorted spellings. But, notice the vowels or diphthongs in English words like tear, pear, and learn, as well as pour, tour, mouse, and sour. You get the picture. French isn't like this way. French is more consistent.

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  • Televido


    July 30, 2016 by Televido

    I'm learning Elefen.

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  • Televido


    July 30, 2016 by Televido

    I'm learning Lojban.

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  • Cask Of Armadillo

    Hey guys, it's almost time to start the Modern Slavlang Challenge!  (It starts a little bit after the proto-lang challenge ends) 

    Therefore, I'm reannouncing it so that it will show up under the popular blog posts.  (If there's a way to do that without creating a whole nother page, please let me know.

    Some things further down on this page have been changed from the original blog post, so please don't assume you know all rules of the challenge just because you read the other blog post.  These changes will be underlined.

    Also, if you would like to participate, PLEASE comment on this post along with the name of your language so I can add you to the list of entries.

    So, without further ado...

    The goal of this challenge is to create a modern languag…

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  • Eçeþesi

    My Username

    January 5, 2016 by Eçeþesi
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  • Gibberish Inspired

    This page deals with all Romance conlangs build by Gibberish Inspired.

    Gibberish Inspired (talk) 01:43, February 5, 2014 (UTC)

    These languages are either Non-Romance Italic languages or are Romance languages that have few indifferences from Latin to appropiately subcatagorize.

    Klatikan - Proto-Italic/Latin/Classical Greek

    -Klatikan is spoken in Antarctica.

    Ilathakoan - Proto-Italic

    -Ilathakoan is the language of Ilathakos, located in what is now Albania.

    Antarctican - Latin/Classical Greek

    Ropic - Latin

    -Ropic was spoken in italy. It's name, Ropan, translates as Roman.

    Chavimese - Latin

    -Chavimese is spoken in the Balkans.

    Jolacfeuan - Oil/Quebec French

    -Jolacfeuan is spoken in Quebec.

    Ponsic - Oil/Arpitan/Catalan

    -Ponsic is the language of Pons, located…

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