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  • Landen Schmidt

    On a scale of most to least spacefaring, my species are: the Ghayn, the Cittus, the Patronans, the Chesnon, the Humans, the Aethos, and the Lameans.

    The Ghayn represent first contact for nearly every species.

    Humans have met: the Ghayn, Cittus, Chesnon, Patronans, and Aethos, in that order.

    Patronans have met: Lameans, Ghayn, Cittus, Chesnon, Humans, and Aethos, in that order.

    The Ghayn are seen as gods mostly, and they don't like to be too involved, though they are on good standing with every species. The Patronans get along well with all. The Aethos, Lameans, Humans, and Chesnon tend to be mistrustful of the other species in the loose alliance. The Cittus don't like to be involved in interplanetary affairs but will interact kindly when neces…

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  • Televido

    English Like French?

    July 30, 2016 by Televido

    Some think English is like French with all their contorted spellings. But, notice the vowels or diphthongs in English words like tear, pear, and learn, as well as pour, tour, mouse, and sour. You get the picture. French isn't like this way. French is more consistent.

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  • Televido


    July 30, 2016 by Televido

    I'm learning Elefen.

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  • Televido


    July 30, 2016 by Televido

    I'm learning Lojban.

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  • Cask Of Armadillo

    Hey guys, it's almost time to start the Modern Slavlang Challenge!  (It starts a little bit after the proto-lang challenge ends) 

    Therefore, I'm reannouncing it so that it will show up under the popular blog posts.  (If there's a way to do that without creating a whole nother page, please let me know.

    Some things further down on this page have been changed from the original blog post, so please don't assume you know all rules of the challenge just because you read the other blog post.  These changes will be underlined.

    Also, if you would like to participate, PLEASE comment on this post along with the name of your language so I can add you to the list of entries.

    So, without further ado...

    The goal of this challenge is to create a modern languag…

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  • Eçeþesi

    My Username

    January 5, 2016 by Eçeþesi
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  • Gibberish Inspired

    This page deals with all Romance conlangs build by Gibberish Inspired.

    Gibberish Inspired (talk) 01:43, February 5, 2014 (UTC)

    These languages are either Non-Romance Italic languages or are Romance languages that have few indifferences from Latin to appropiately subcatagorize.

    Klatikan - Proto-Italic/Latin/Classical Greek

    -Klatikan is spoken in Antarctica.

    Ilathakoan - Proto-Italic

    -Ilathakoan is the language of Ilathakos, located in what is now Albania.

    Antarctican - Latin/Classical Greek

    Ropic - Latin

    -Ropic was spoken in italy. It's name, Ropan, translates as Roman.

    Chavimese - Latin

    -Chavimese is spoken in the Balkans.

    Jolacfeuan - Oil/Quebec French

    -Jolacfeuan is spoken in Quebec.

    Ponsic - Oil/Arpitan/Catalan

    -Ponsic is the language of Pons, located…

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  • Gibberish Inspired

    These are the conlangs made by Gibberish Inspired based after the Japanese language or some other Japonic language (etc. Ryukyuan, Pre-Kara)

    Gibberish Inspired (talk) 19:23, February 14, 2014 (UTC)

    Thomatan - Japanese/Greek

    -Thomatan is spoken in Greece.

    Gyan - Ryukyuan/Chinese

    -Gyan is spoken in China.

    Chantagongese - Japanese/Ryukyuan/Philippine/Formosan/Korean/Capondoan

    -Chantagongese is spoken in Korea.

    Katamakian - Japanese/Greek/Ainu

    Jowan - Japanese/Javanese/Dravidian

    -Jowan is spoken in Borneo & Java

    Sadanese - Japanese/Batak/Malay

    -Sadanese is spoken in Sumatra

    Kazingkuan - Japanese/Ryukyuan

    Okhutsk - Japanese/Chukchi/Yakut/Kamchatkan/Nivkh/Yukaghir

    -Okhustk is spoken by ocean travelling peoples of the Siberian sea of Okhutsk.

    Gornakan - Japanese…

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  • Gibberish Inspired

    These are the languages created by Gibberish Inspired that where based after any Germanic language or, indeed, Proto-Germanic itself.

    This now contains numeral charts for comparison purposes. In those tables, names written with an asterisk (*) are Original conlangs. All else are either natural languages or reconstructions.

    Loxowian is based after Upper German & Luxembourgish. It has a strong French influence that shows in its orthography. It's country is called Loxowy & it's located at and/or around Gascony.

    Laferish is based after Lombardic & "Middle Germanic."

    Lerinese is based after Lombardic & "Middle Germanic."

    Hipsinese is based after Upper German.

    Gastenovic is based after Upper German. It is influenced by Russian. Gastenovic is spoken in…

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  • Gibberish Inspired

    This is a list of Celtic languages made by Gibberish Inspired.

    Gibberish Inspired (talk) 01:46, February 22, 2014 (UTC)

    • Gaulish (not a Gi conlang)
      • Early Embean - 300s-1200s
        • Middle Embean - 1300s-1600s
          • Modern Embean - 1700s-today

    -Embean is influenced by Emaluan, a Finnic language.

    • Gaulish (not a GI conlang)
      • Early Pladisese - 700s-1500s
        • Modern Pladisese - 1600s-today

    -Pladisese is spoken in Germany. It heavily influenced by German. It is also influenced by Latin.

    • Gaulish (not a GI conlang)
      • Early Alpese - 800s-1600s
        • Modern Alpese - 1700s-today

    -Alpese is influenced by German. Alpese is closely related to both Lepontic & Noric.

    • Gaulish (not a GI conlang)
      • Early Plamean - 600s-1000s
        • Middle Plamean - 1100s-1700s
          • Modern Plamean - 1800s-today

    -Plamean is spoken in I…

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