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I am sorry about the confusion on that.


1 2 3 4 5 6
: Pf/p͡f/ E/ɛ/ Fx/fx/ M/m/ Nu/nu/ Bo/bɔ/
7 Ch/t͡ʃ/ Yz/iz/ Hi/hɪ/, /ʰɪ/ G/g/ Oz/ɔz/ L/l/
8 By/bi/ R/ɹ/ T/t/ Ss/s:/, /s.s/ Up/up/ J/d͡ʒʲ/
9 Q/q/ X/k͡s/ Pi/pi/ An/æn/ El/el/ Wo/wo/
0 D/d/ Z/z/ Do/do/ A/a/ Kt/k͡t/, /k.t/ V/v/
40 "A" 2: "E" 37 "Hi"
1: "Pf" /p͡fa/ /p͡fɛ/ /p͡fʰɪ/ OR /pi/``
17 "Ch" /t͡ʃa/ /t͡ʃɛ/ /t͡ʃʰɪ/
19 "Q" /qa/ /qɛ/ /qʰɪ/
10 "D" /da/ /dɛ/ /dʰɪ/
28 "R" /ɹa/ /ɹɛ/
29 "X" /k͡sa/ /k͡sɛ/ /k͡sʰɪ~k͡sɪ/
20 "z" /za/ /zɛ/
3: "Fx" /fxa/ /fxɛ/ /fxʰɪ~fxɪ/
4: "M" /ma/ /mɛ/
47 "G" /ga/ /gɛ/ /gʰɪ/
67 "L" /la/ /lɛ/

5: is essentially


Each syllable is one mora. This means that "4:40292:" (/mak͡sɛ/) would be 4 morae, but 4:405: (/manu/) would be 3 morae.

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