Bujemlaus Edit

Bujemlaus, as it stands, is currently intended to be a fictional language spoken by the Bujem. The Bujem are based on a combination of ideas I had for fictional worlds, mostly of the post-apocalyptic variety. The fictional world the Bujem exist in has been subject to no global nuclear exchange or zombie outbreak. It is simply the product of internal struggle within the worldʼs superpowers boiling over (and possibly other, more far-fetched occurrences). The Bujem currently exist as the meritocratic elite of a post-American culture.

The Bujem and their Origins Edit

The Bujem and their society rose after a group of intellectuals, mechanical experts, and diplomatic leaders established a collective farm. Because they were uninterested in dedicating their lives to farming, they made their collective farm open to anyone willing to live under their rule. Although their cynical neighbors mostly shunned their offerings, with enough traveling the Bujem found enough volunteers to work on their farm. These became the first Balem, the working class of Bujem society. The Bujem called this the Balem Farm and it operated on the mutual acceptance of division of labor. The Bujem provided the knowledge and mental capacity to make the Balem Farm produce more and better food that other, independent farms. The Bujem were mostly an inclusive group who were always looking for new people to join their ranks, and thus many Balem became Bujem through demonstrations of their aptitude. This combination of superior farming capacity and a relaxed heirarchy allowed the Bujem to rapidly expand to multiple farms and establish a prospering city-state.

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