Here are all the soundchanges from Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Arabic to Carolinese Arabic.

*Soundchanges only affect the roots, that will affect the words formed from these roots.

eː e oː o > i a uː u
a i u > ∅ /_#/C_ {sporadic}
θ d͡ʒ t > t ʒ d /_#_/V_C
ð z zʕ dʕ ðʕ tʕ > d s z d ð t {sporadic}
ɛ > a
aː iː uː > ah ih uh /_#/C_
a i u > ∅ /V_
ʔ > k ɣ
a > ɣ /#_/_C {sporadic}
al > il
s > ʃ / C_C
b > v /_#
q > ʔ /_#_/V_v {sporadic}
q > ʔ /#_
ʕ > ɣ /#_/_V

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