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Cascadian is a East Germanic Language spoken in the Cascadian Region of the Pacific North West. This Conlang is based off of Gothic but has influence from other Germanic Languages like German and Icelandic because Gothic doesn't have much to work with.

Letter A B C CH D Ð E Ë F G H I
IPA /a/ /b/ /tʃ/ /χ/ /d/ /ð/ /e/ /ε/ /f/ /g/, /x/ /h/ /i/
Letter J K L M N O P R S T U V
IPA /j/ /k/ /l/ /m/ /n/ /o/ /p/ /ʀ/ /s/ /t/ /u/ /v/
Letter W Y Z Þ (TH)
IPA /w/ /ai/ /z/ /θ/

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