General InformationEdit

The Gastig language family is of West Germanic origin, most closely related to Old English.

It would have been formed on an island probably located either in the Norwegian Sea, leftward of the Farose islands, or around southwest of Iceland(so called Gastland). The language is not quite Anglo-Frisian because of certain elements, some being a-priori(meaning constructed without historical basis) and some found in the not Anglo-Frisian branches. To classify the family beyond simply West-Germanic is too difficult. Thus it goes down to the oldest relative: Old Gastish.


Gastig(IPA: /GÆ-stɪg/, sounds like GAS-tig) derived from the term geastig which means approximatly "supernatural", literally "ghosty". In the language itself, it is called Gastisc, but in English it's Gastish which leads to a bit of confusion.

Language treeEdit

Gastig languages

Old Gastish
Middle Gastish
Church Gastish
Modern Gastish
Simple Gastish
Modern Sheadish
  • A language in bold denotes that it is extant.
  • A language in italics denotes that it is now extinct (i.e. has no native speakers).
  • † denotes the extinction of a linguistic subgroup.

Language specific detailsEdit

Old GastishEdit

It is the ancestor to all Gastig languages, spoken by the germanic tribes native to Gastland. It survives as only a written language with disputed phonology. It was written in runes, but the latinate transcription is much the same as that for Old English.


A heavily inflected but managably comprehensible descendent of Old Gastish which is found(according to the lore of Gastland) on runestones and temples where many unexplained phenomena have occured.

Middle GastishEdit

It was around during the renaissance and is comparable to being the less heavily inflected brother of Evanish. The language is much more comprehensible than Old Gastish, and more standardized, but many historical features are lost.

Church GastishEdit

It's a form of Gastish spoken in the churches(once again in the lore). It is almost identical to Middle Gastish with the exceptions that it is standardized like Modern Gastish(less ways ans confusions of grammar and spelling seen in Middle Gastish) and that some few more ancient features in Middle Gastish are ignored simply because they are not known of or studied of.

Modern GastishEdit

The main language of the branch. It feature three genders, and four cases. The only remaining inflection is on nouns, verbs, and determiners(which is still pretty large).

Simple GastishEdit

A constructed version(constructed language of a conlang???) of Modern Gastish which does not use gender or determiner declension. Its standardized vocabulary is also reduced significantly and it features a Subjective-Objective-Genitive three case system.

Modern SheadishEdit

A development of Middle Gastish on the gastig colonies(like Afrikaans from Middle Dutch). It is mainly noted for its common-neuter gender system, unstandardized verbs, but also oddly enough vocabulary which is preserved from Middle Gastish.

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