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Neumatic languages are a collection of related constructed languages. They all share the same lexical foundation, however, gravely altered. The languages are defined by a sovereign source of inspiration, for example with Indo-Iranian as the main origin of Nāmaς appearence, Celtic languages serve as the base of Náir, and Nūi Nhā possesses a Polynesian-looking style. Thus, you might expect them to be heavily a priori, but that is incorrect - the language families serve only as inspiration for a naturalistic conlang.


This is the not too impressive collection of Neumatic languages. It will be improved and expanded as time goes on.

  • Naṃkrthāvāka - an Indo-European and Indo-Iranian influenced language.
  • Nūi Nhā - a Polynesian inspired language.
  • Ddánna Náir - a Celtic inspired language.

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