The Okan Language Family, named after the ancient Okan language itself, is a subgroup of Indo-Euopean.

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Okan is the ancien language for which all modern Okan Languages originates from. It's role with the Okan Languages is comparable to Latin's role with the Romance Languages. The key difference being that Okan itself never really stopped being spoken.

The Okan LanguagesEdit

The vast majority of the Okan Languages are spoken in China.

Edosan - Okan

-Edosan is spoken in Edos, located in Inner Mongolia. It sounds noticeably distinct compared to the other Okan languages.

Rohingic - Okan/Chinese

Hendoan - Okan

Lawinese - Okan

Lanyan - Okan

Menyan - Okan

Monihangese - Okan/Manchu

-Monihangese is spoken in Manchuria.

Tinyinese - Okan/Chinese

Kashinese - Okan/Chinese/Japanese

-Kashinese is spoken in the Ryukyu Islands.

Kingdowanese - Okan/Chinese/Japanese

Kingdingese - Okan/Chinese

Yekechian - Okan/Nivkh/Ainu/Yukaghir

-Yekechian is spoken in the Sakhalin Island.

Radingoan - Okan/Capondoan/Chinese

-Radingoan was created in the communist micronation of Radingo, located in China & Korea.

Hangyan - Okan/Hawaiian/Kiribati/Arabic/German/various other Micronesian languages.

-Hangyan is spoken in the Holy Hangy Kingdom, located in Micronesia.

Akamese - Okan/various Burmese-Lolo languages in Burma & Assam.

-Akamese is spoken around Kuki-Chin/Naga speech.

Ochikinese - Okan/Japanese

-Ochikinese is spoken in northern Honshu, Japan.

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