The Pola languages are a family of eight languages spoken in California. These languages have no known relationship with any language family. Some similarities with Afro-Asiatic, Indo-European, & Japanese have been argued, but nothing has been proven.

The Pola languages can be divided by two groups, Polamira & Poladira (sometimes spelled Pola-Mira & Pola-Dira. These two languages are noted for one unique phonetic trait. Ware one has M, the other has D. It is not certain which came first.

Each Pola language differs largely from another grammatically. Because of this, Proto-Pola must've been a very complex language.

The Pola PeoplesEdit

The people look Caucasoid, which makes them appear drasticly different from their Athabascan & Amerindian naighbors. This must certainly explain the languages drastic difference from the poly-synthetic languages spoken around them.

The Pola people, despite a history of political seperation, often where allied to each other. There was no record of any conflict among the Pola peoples. To this day, Pola people often have a brotherly to one another.

The languages was that of ancient empires, Republic, & kingdoms that had existed untill Romanian colonization. Today, the Pola languages have regional status within the Kingdom of California. All of the languages are under no risk of language death with the exception of three, Polmori, Polidian, & Palodian.

All Pola languages uses the distinct Pola alphabet, indipendent from all other righting systems. It has a letter for each sound, much like european ones. It has a top to bottom then a move to the right pattern, a pattern not found anywhere else. Some Pola languages use different letters than others. Only Neo-Pola uses diacritics.

The Pola people are worshippers of a native religion. Many people are also converts to Stivanatism, Christianity, & Shintoism. Other parts of their culture bares ressemblance to that of Celtic & Germanic tribal culture as well as the cultures of the Inuit & bedouin people. In recent years, Japanese culture has had an influence on the Pola people. The Pola people are known for their facepaint tradition. The usual wardrobe for a Pola is a pitch black robe, Pants, &  a long hood.

Polamira LanguagesEdit

Polamiran languages are typically spoken in the highgrounds & woodlands of California.





Poladira LanguagesEdit

Poladiran languages are typically spoken in the lowgrounds & deserts of California.





Why are Polamiran & Poladiran spoken ware they are now?Edit

Polamiran languages can be found in the mountains, & Poladiran ones in the valleys that seperate them. Why? Did the Poladiran languages spread out & devided the Polamiran into enclaves? Unlikely, since Poladirans are far more sparce in numbers to ever push Polamirans anywhere. The likely thing that happen was that there was once a caste-system. The more powerful, wealthier, Polas Lived in the thriving mountain cities & the poorer, weaker, polas lived in the lowlands, ware they now live a nomadic lifestyle. But if this where the case, what happened to the caste system and why do all Pola peoples have a brotherly respect for eachother? Maybe there was civil war, the aftermath of which may have caused a drastic change in the government that existed at the time. this must have very deep into prehistory. In the earliest recorded history of the region, each of the eight Pola peoples already had their own governments varying from absolute monarchies to socialist republics.


An attempt to reconstruct the Pola languages parent language has been done, but much is left unknown. The language, unlike it's descendents, was vary Poly-Synthetic.


Neo-Pola is an artistic version of Proto-Pola. It was created by Pola people to use as their version of a classical language, much as Latin is to Europeans.

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