Cavian Script is an abugida style semi-syllabic alphabet adapted for writing English. It borrows features from Southeast Asian and Northern Indian scripts.


The Cavian Script distinguishes 13 vowels. /a, ɑ, ɒ, ɔ/ are all treated as allophones, as are /e ɛɪ/ and /o ɔʊ əʊ/.

Cavian Script for English Vowels


The Cavian script distinguishes 24 consonants. Both /w/ and /ʍ/ (/hw/) are treated as allophones. There is no character for /x, χ/, which are treated as allophones of /k/.

Cavian Script Consonants 1
Cavian Script Consonants-2

Spelling rules and combinationsEdit

Cavian spelling

Character by character transcription of sample text:

ɑ/r fɑ/ð/r hu ɑ/rt i/n he/v/n
hæ/lo/d bi ðai ne/m
ðai kɪ/ŋd/m k/m
ðai wɪ/l bi d/n
ɑn ʌ/rʘ æ/z ɪ/t ɪ/z ɪ/n he/v/n
gɪ/v ʌ/s ðɪ/s de ɑ/r de/li brɛ/d
& f/rgɪ/v ʌ/s ɑ/r trɛ/spæ/s/z
æ/z wi f/rgɪ/v ðo/z hu trɛ/spæ/s
ʌ/gɛ/nst ʌ/s
& li/d ʌ/s nɑ/t ɪ/ntu tɛ/mte/ʃ/n
b/t d/lɪ/v/r ʌ/s fr/m i/v/l
f/r ðai/n ɪ/z ð kɪ/ŋd/m
& ð pau/ʌ/r & ð glo/ri
f/rɛ/v/r & ɛ/v/r ɑ/mɛ/n

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