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Ceha is one of 2 official languages of the planet Teri, and is most commonly spoken. It's the language used for formal settings, such as in a goverment setting, or in school.

Classification and DialectsEdit

Ceha is the official language of the planet Teri(Lemohs in English) and is decendant of the second offical language, Camu, used in informal settings. Both languages are taught in school, and both used commonly. When humans settled on Teri, KefiCamu was morphed into Camu by the Latin roots brought by the humans. During BeluTemaVoca(War of Languages in English) Camu was once again changed when rebels wanted to form their own language, which under the currently strict rules, forbidded. People revolted, and so Ceha and Camu became separate languages. Both languages are very similar in words, but the grammer was drasticly changed in order to convey messages simpiler. No recorded dialects of Ceha were ever found, but likely they were formed during BeluTemaVoca.

Writing SystemEdit

These are the symbols and pronunciations of Ceha. When KefiCamu became Camu, the alphabet was Romanized, so you can write Ceha using the roman alphabet.

Letters Type Pronunciation
A Vowel "Ah" as in far
B Consonant "B" as in bun
C Consonant "Ch" as in cheese
D Consonant "D" as in Dutch
E Vowel "E" as in easy
F Consonant "F" as in fun
G Consonant "J" as in jam
H Consonant "H" as in hey
I Both "E" as in easy and "Ih" as in idiot
K Consonant "K" as in keep
L Consonant "L" as in left
M Consonant "M" as in man
N Consonant "N" as in no
O Vowel "Oh" as in open
P Consonant "P" as in please
R Consonant "R" as in Spanish arriba (Tongue roll)
S Consonant "S" as in see
U Vowel "Oo" as in ooze
V Consonant "V" as in vacuum
W Consonant "W" as in what


Ceha grammar is very simple, as the creators wanted it to be simple to use and learn, so everyone on Teri could learn it.


All words contain four letters, in "consonant, vowel, consonant, vowel" order. This is the same for all parts of speech. This also means Ceha is written without spaces. I is a strange letter that can be a consonant or a vowel. If it comes first in a word, it's pronounced as "Ih", and when it comes second in a word or fourth in a word, meaning it's a vowel, it's pronounced as "E". Only pronounce it as "Ih" if it's the first letter of a word. If it's third, pronounce it as a vowel. Examples include Vite, meaning life, or Idia, meaning idiom.


Verbs Edit

Descriptors Edit


Example textEdit

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