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Chathan is chiefly West Germanic, but has its share of North Germanic-derived words. In parenthesis are the languages whose words have been modeled after.


bi /bi/ town (Danish, Norwegian)

biel /biɫ/ car (Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish)

bjorn /bjɔɚn/ bear (Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish)

bland /bland/ among(st) (Swedish)

broder /bʀoʊdɚ/ brother (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish)

cjærn /çjeɚn/ brain (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish)

cjært /çjeɚt/ heart (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish)

cjelm /çjɛɫm/ helmet (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish)

cjort /çjɔɚt/ deer (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish)

dreng /dʀɛŋ/ boy (Danish)

eld /ɛɫd/ fire (Nynorsk, Swedish)

filgisvejn /fɪɫɡɪsveɪn/ satellite (Faroese)

fjærn /fjeɚn/ far (Danish, Norwegian)

fjærnsi /fjeɚnsi/ television (Danish, Norwegian)

fjolet /fjoʊlɛt/ violet (Icelandic)

frehejdlieg /fʀeɪheɪdliɡ/ libertarian (Swedish)

gjoren /ɡjɔɾɛn/ to do (Norwegian)

jærn /jeɚn/ iron (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish)

jent /jɛnt/ girl (Norwegian, Swedish)

jul /juɫ/ wheel (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish)

kjeller /kjɛlɚ/ basement (Norwegian)

kjol /kjɔɫ/ dress (Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian)

kvin /kvɪn/ woman (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish)

lordag /lɔɚdaɡ/ Saturday (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish)

mad /mad/ food (Danish)

mjelk /mjɛlk/ milk (Bokmål)

mork /mɔɚk/ dark (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish)

owgl /oʊɡəɫ/ lizard (Danish, Norwegian)

samskipt /samskɪpt/ communication (Icelandic)

sidst /sɪdst/ last (Danish)

ska /ska/ will (Danish, Swedish)

skjeg /skjɛɡ/ beard (Norwegian)

smor /smɔɚ/ butter

sporgen /spɔɚɡɛn/ to ask (Danish)

tvejul /tveɪjuɫ/ bicycle (Swedish)

onskild /ɔnskɪɫd/ excuse me (Danish, Norwegian)

varfor /vɑɚfɔɚ/ why (Swedish)

vekst /vɛkst/ plant (Swedish)

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