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Ches Ne
Ches Ne
Type Simple
Alignment spoken and written
Head direction Initial
Tonal No
Declensions No
Conjugations Yes
Genders No
Nouns decline according to...
Case Number
Definiteness Gender
Verbs conjugate according to...
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect
Progress Expression error: Unexpected < operator.%
Nouns Expression error: Unexpected < operator.%
Verbs Expression error: Unexpected < operator.%
Adjectives Expression error: Unexpected < operator.%
Syntax Expression error: Unexpected < operator.%
Words 351 of 15000
Creator Klivord

Classification and DialectsEdit

Ches Ne is a Saltic language spoken by the Ches Ne people who live in Chesnea, a country in Chasianasia


for the most part Ches Ne has the same sounds as many romance languages

however the c and k sound slightly differnt as c is dental bottom and k is dental top


Bilabial Labio-dental Dental Alveolar Post-alveolar Retroflex Palatal Velar Uvular Pharyngeal Epiglottal Glottal
Nasal m n r ng
Plosive p b d t c k  g
Fricative f v th s z sh j h
Affricate ch
Flap or tap
Lateral fric.
Lateral app.
Lateral flap


Front Near-front Central Near-back Back
Close i u
Close-mid e o
Open-mid a


Writing System ( I just put the latinized version becuase I can't type in the langauge's real alphabet)Edit

Letter a b c k e f g h i j l m
Sound oh b low dental k high dental k ay f g h ee j l m
Letter n o p q r s t u v w x y
Sound n oe p kw r s t ew v w ks y
Letter z ch sh th
Sound z ch sh th


Instead of conjugating words by changing the word, you surround it with other special words made for conjugation


these are suffixles, they change the meaning of the previous noun

son - makes noun plural

ne- make noun own next word

these are articles

She - The/this

Far- an/an Verbs

These are Tensetecles

they change the tense of a verb

bata goes after a past tense verb pos goes before a future tense verb

present tense has no tensetecles in it's raw form

eta goes after a verb to give it an ing meaning

the tensetecles work on all verbs becuase Ches Ne is a Logical Language


Nearly Identical to English

Subject verb object,

however adjectives go after the nouns they represent, the same applys to adverbs and their verbs.


Adjectives are conjugated with -vo meaning more and -ve meaning most,

these are the only two real suffixes in Ches NE


These are words that replace puncutation, however the latinized version of Ches ne uses both puncutaion and puncuatives.

I have never seen any other lanaguge with this stupid idea LOL







-ing= eta

-er= vo

-ed= bata

-est= ve

,= zy

!= shwa

?= Kuox

.= pon

(that are) plural= son

a= far

adventure= itirje

again= ite

agreeable= danguda

alas= heu

alcohol= lucije

all= pana

also= eti

America= Mori


And= ned

Angry= gryr

Another= alter

Ant= iant

Apple= hablo

Arrest= kapeti

August= Augu

Aunt= Aumate

Awesome= hauso

Baby= drema

Bad= malos

Bald= iah

Balloon= lun

Bathroom= frum

Beach= caeba

Bed= dormiter

Believe= live

Belong= loba

Berry= jo

Better= bonaa

Big= huga

Bird= ave

Black= bonk

Bless= blassam

Blue= u

Bone= malown

Boring= bori

Born= centa

Boy= uer

Bring= dare

Brother= feter

Burn= buar

Busy= kupata

But= hydo

By= by

Bye= a’le

Can= cuji

Canada= Kanedo

Cantino= kantinea

Caramel= camal

Cat= kitam


City= ubo

Claim= takle

Club= mes

Code= doda

Cold= friji

Color= reo

Commercial= komuru

Computer= domu

Conjure= kunte

Cook= kuer

Cookout= kuernou

Cooperation= co’apo

Cotton= carut

Could= juda

Corage= fareo

County= edoa

Crap= krap

Creator= maketo

Crime= malet

Criminal= maletshir

Crowd= cracho


Cube= kube

Czech= Czytch

Dad= pate

Dance= stepa

Data= dada

Day= date

Dear= dyra

Desert= Azona

Die= mortu

Dinner= dine

do= ilet

doctor= dactri

dog= kanam

dollar= b’xn   doubt-nobili

doom= mordum

drive off= drovan

drug= druda

east= est

eight= ayt

emo= imoto

English= Glisha

Enjoy= Joi’a


Eve= nonol

f**k= ioke

façade= fosath

fall= uto

fat= bisi

February= febu

Fire= fwifwi

Five= fa

Fly= mos

Food= cibu

For= nimen

Forest= foros

Forever= b’xabe

Four= kum

Free= dinot

Friend= aki

Friendship= akiaki

From= aga

Fun= doi

Gay= homal



Germany= Jero

Girl= uel

go/ go to= goa

god= gad

goddess= goda

good= benos

grab= arii

grass= fotini

Greece= Griks

Green= gryn

Happy= lita


Have= dachi

he/she= skon

head= krin

hello= icho


high= hilli

hit= bacu

home= domi

hot= calid

how= bzu

I/me= hin

Ice= frije

ice cream= ifrije


in= inth

invade= fed

is= ke

Isreal= Holiand

It= tin

January= Ianoku

Japan= Iho

Jesus= Jhizas


Joy= Ioy

Judge= iudj

July= Bum

Jury= iuri

Kick= ik

Kid= libe

Kill= nekap

Knee= nijh

Land= lande

Latin= Lutina

Law= legal

Lazy= igi

Leave= nobonosht

Legislate= krial

Lesbian= imolshi

Light= luket

Little= tinos

Live= abito

Look= iko

Loser= child

Love= nil

Low= hino

Lunch= luke

Mall= mal

Man= aduer

March= Make

Mars= Marx     main-kana

Mayor= Meria

Mom= mate

Moon= lola                 military=satezo

Morning= lite

Mountain= kanushia

Movie= avidea

mr.= mir

mrs./ms.= mar

name= leban

never= nei

new= yo

night= nate

nine= nan

ninja= aesaduer

no= noi

noble= noben

noon= midate

north= noreth

North America= Nar

Notice= azer

Nut= no

October= Hoct

Of= pou

old= palo

one= une

oppose= b’xudo

other= altor

p*nis= nena

pants= lums



pest= moskwi

pinaple= bina    place-laza

plant= fotos

police= kaper

poop= fike

possevive= ne

prison= kapem

purple= pulum

race= athini

rain= I’a’ren

rain forst= amaz

rant= wonder

rape= maoke

recall= evo

red= throji

redneck= hikuba

retard= jame        return-kikambo

rice= thrik

river= ryve

road= roa

room= kubi

run= kuri

Russia= Russi

Sad= lacral


Say= inkwi

School= olus


Should= kuda

Shout= mor

Six= sik

Sleep= dormi

Smart= noni

so= jo


song/ sing= kant

south= suth              soilder= santez

South America= Sar

Spring= spri

Square= kape

Stop= haltor

Straight= bonesix

Stream= ivu

Stupid= stoi

Style= dezi

Sub= napta

Summer= aes

Sun= sola

Sunglasses= calides

Tall= latel

Target= aduno


Teacher= lodus


that rules= bonzi’e

The= she

There= ibit

Thin= nobi

this= shes

three= tros

toe= nijah

to= gu

too much= me

town= edo

tree= bonecum

two= bi

uncle= Aupate


upon= dens

Venus= Beutus

Virginia= B’virginia

War= blarga

Water= tsu


What= bvun



White= yonk

Who= bvu

Why= bzua


will= pos   with=plus     whithout- noi plus

wind/air= mospira

winter= bris

witch= ashika

wolf= lupus

woman= aduel

work= abora

would= luda

wow= hubidajibaz

year= aeryo

yellow= chikan

yes= ayo

you= ton

zero= zer

0 zer

1 une

2 bi

3 tros

4 kum

5 fa

6 sik

7 sept

8 ayt

9 nan

10 unezer










Jan 'Ianoku      

Feb  'Febu

Mar 'Make

Apr 'Apre

May 'Maya

Jun 'Juna

Jul 'Bum

Aug 'Augu

Sep 'Sepu

Oct 'Hacto

Nov 'Nova

Dec 'Disa



Sun 'Soladate

Mon 'Loladate

Tue 'Tuliodate

Wed 'Migeldate

Thu 'Thordate

Fri 'Zusdate

Sat 'Gaddate

Example textEdit

Hin ne kanem pos ki bi aeryo son she zusdate shwa!        Latinized Ches Ne

I 's dog will is two year s this friday !                                 Literal Translation

My dog will be two years this Friday.                                Final Translation

Ton din loladate kuox?

You hate monday ?

Do you hate monday?

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