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This page contains all of the known words of Clusternia Note. If you wish to see the full information on Clusternia Note, please click here. Clusternia Note Main Page.

Number Word
0 zin
1 uni
2 dua
3 tori
4 quo
5 het
6 hexa
7 lio
8 oco
9 nio
10 naro/na
100 darge/dar
1000 sera/ser
10000 geru/ger
100000 kliu/kuli
1000000 naniro/nari

Alpha Ciela Class Type Edit

The Alpha Ciela Words are words that can only be sung/spoken by Alpha Ciela Class Hymmnosens. Due to the low number of Alpha Cielas currently existing today, this word class is rare and ancient, nearly non-existent. The Memory Bank Core that stores these words is in Quon Desila. The only way for a Beta D1A or a P14A to use these words is to Synchronize with an Alpha Ciela. The reason for this is because this word class exists and coexists within the Synjivia Axis Plane (which is known as the neutron dimension), the highest level in existence, and if a lower class being used them, he or she would suffer from having low mana due to the high cost of the words.

Word Class Meaning
a to, at, towards
a.d.l. E.N.V. be frightened, be afraid
a.l.f. E.N.V. dance
a.m.r.r. E.N.V. reflect, deflect, project, redirect
a.n.o.x. E.N.V. destroy, ruin, annihilate, eliminate
a.n.t.r.n. E.N.V. flee, escape, run away, go away (can also mean awaken)
a.r.y. E.N.V. be
aceidhya n. purity, innocence
aeneuo n. sky, atmosphere, the skies
alfaris n. wisdom, knowledge, data, information
avhenma n. judgement
bakatat n./adj. idiot, fool, stupid, foolish, idiotic
c.h.m. E.N.V. change, transform, turn into, become
c.l.m.s.k. E.N.V. cast, enchant, cast a spell on, curse, charm
c.lnpr.ct. E.N.V. protect (with one self's own life)
cy.rc. E.N.V. share with (someone)
d.m.a.c.r. E.N.V. recognize, remember
d.n.d. E.N.V. die, pass away, pass on, wither (it means to pass away peacefully)
d.n.t.y. E.N.V. sacrifice, offer, give, bestow E.N.V. choose, decide, determine
dal from now on
e.r.y.q. E.N.V. save, rescue, help, aid
el from, derived from E.N.V. to charm, befuddle, seduce
f.c.t.l. E.N.V. know, understand
g.d.r.p. E.N.V. operate, work
gna that (used before vowel sound for emphasis)
gq that (used before consonant sound for emphasis)
h.t.r.myc.n. E.N.V. heal, restore, cure, purify
hiyamaya n. good wills, good people, innocent soul(s)
hymle n. Spell Song, song, hymn, music
hymn.sph.r. E.N.V. express emotions (through a song)
ingoma n./adj. pleasure, delight, entertainment, pleasured, delighted
m.r.a.i. E.N.V. create, craft (with magic/in a phenomenal way)
myvila n./adj. sympathy, pity, empathy, connection, understanding, of connection, of understanding
pyensya v./adj. blazing, scorching, hot, warm, burning
qua adj./n. all-, every-, everything, everyone
s.a.e.l. E.N.V. descend, land, fall, go down
s.g. E.N.V. give, bestow, sacrifice, transfer to
s.lf.g. E.N.V. transfer, move
s.s.p.n.d. E.N.V. install, download, absorb
t.r. E.N.V. to shake (like thunder)
udasyntha n./adj. kindness, kind, gentle
uinvila n./adj. existence, existent
ul part. (Direct Object Marker)
vtonomaja n. purification, cleansing, restoration, healing
whyhlla n. clone, twin, replicate, doppelgänger, copy
xunl n. deal, promise, oath, vow
ygi for the sake of...
z.f.j.n.d.n. E.N.V. fight, battle, challenge

Beta D1A Class Type Edit

Word Class Meaning
a.d.r. E.N.V. cuddle, hug, embrace, wrap around
a.w.b.p. E.N.V. pray, wish
abajatha E.N.V. utopia, paradise, sanctuary
aghna n./adj. pain, agony, painful, excruciating
ar com. within, inside, in
c.l.s. E.N.V. identify, classify, organize
cs.rk. E.N.V. throw away, toss (into the trash)
d.nb.s. E.N.V. to betray (someone), to cheat on
d.s.b.p. E.N.V. want to (do something), want something
dadzhaad E.N.V. replica, clone, duplicate, doppleganger, twin, reflection
e.c.b.l. E.N.V. halt, stop, suspend
g.c.v.m.o. E.N.V. teach, lecture, give advice/wisdom to
g.l.y.d. E.N.V. sink, drown, be submerged, be swallowed (as if in water)
gxolon n./adj. trash, rubbish, dirty, unworthy
gyeno adj. narrow, thin, slim
h.l.t. E.N.V. stop, halt, suspend
h.y.m. E.N.V. to sing
i (Subject Definer)
i.h.z.p. E.N.V. look, see, watch, view
i.l.c.o. E.N.V. celebrate
i.n.s.l. E.N.V. be, is
j.c.d. E.N.V. show, reveal, open, disclose, uncover
jajhrem adj. viral, bacterial, corruptive, corrupted
k.n.n. E.N.V. sacrifice, offer
k.s.t. E.N.V. advance, progress, move forward, march
l.n.c.l. E.N.V. to love (someone)
leadja n./adj. eternal, eternity, for eternity
liproi n. day (24 hours)
m.x.b. E.N.V. rain down, pour, flow (as in falling)
mal even, including, as well as
mlowlla n. story, tale, legend, myth, folklore
n.l.c. E.N.V. reach out
n.x. E.N.V. to erase, delete, wipe out
parquem n. instrument, toy, tool, item, object
pl pre. the
pye conj. as well as...
r.l.x. E.N.V. program, work
reg go away! get away! get away from me!
s.p.t. E.N.V. advance, go on, progress, go forward, march
t.b.h. E.N.V. eat, devour, consume, absorb
t.b.p. E.N.V. search, look for, find, locate
v.y.r.n.d. E.N.V. craft, create, weave (with magic)
w.b.p. n./adj. gold, golden
xwng n. obstacle, intrusion, hinderance
yisif n. bird, small bird, winged creature
z.c. E.N.V. become, transform into, change

Clusternia Class Type Edit

Word Class Meaning
a.d.h.m. E.N.V. protect, guard, defend, safeguard
a.n.p. E.N.V. program, work
a.r.d.j. E.N.V. hug, embrace, surround, wrap around
a.t.r. E.N.V. search for, look for, find
a.z. E.N.V. destroy, annihilate, ruin, devastate
a.z.s.i. E.N.V. delete, erase, purge, wipe out (of existence)
ashyna n. radiance, brilliance, glow, illumination
azerie n./adj. truth, of truth
b.k.s. E.N.V. bully, humiliate, embarrass, scorn, taunt, ridicule, insult
b.n. E.N.V. wait, await, be patient
c.a. E.N.V. transform, change, undergo change
c.r.v. E.N.V. sense, feel
d.d.w. E.N.V. kiss, show love, show affection
djanke n. body, host, corpse, medium
dzena n./adj. precious, beloved (one)
e part. (Direct Object Marker)
en com. and
f.a.o.q. E.N.V. see, look, view, watch
f.g. E.N.V. wait, be patient
f.j.g. E.N.V. wanting to do (something), wanting something
f.r.c.t.l. E.N.V. analyse, scan, calculate
f.s.l.n.y. E.N.V. express, reveal, show, convey, transmit (emotions/thoughts)
f.v.x. E.N.V. cast, enchant, cast a spell on, curse, charm
g.b.h.e. E.N.V. operate, work
g.c.b. E.N.V. summon, call upon, call for, request one's presence
g.n.m.r. E.N.V. revive, resurrect, rebirth, bring back to life
g.n.w.f.n. E.N.V. execute, initialize, invoke
ganja adj./adv. cold, freezing, chilling, numbing, coldly
h.c.b.f. E.N.V. colour, dye, give colour to
h.i.v.m.s. E.N.V. run, jog, dash
h.t.l.m.v. E.N.V. heal, restore, purify, regenerate, revitalize
h.w.s. E.N.V. communicate with, commune, interact
h.y.m.r. E.N.V. sing, to sing
h.z.y.l. E.N.V. heal, restore, cure, repair
hto conj. in order to~
hvasta n. flower, blossom
hymeli n. hymn, song, Spell Song
hymelina n. melody, tune, sound waves
i.o.n. E.N.V. be, is
i.s.d.n. E.N.V. listen, hear, pay attention to, pay heed to
ik pro. I, me, my, myself
illanesil n. purgatory, purging, deletion
ithel pro. it, they
jenethyl n. manipulation, control, influence
jesma n. woman, women, lady, girl
l.p.g.s. E.N.V. destroy, annihilate, eliminate
l.t.u. E.N.V. enter, go in
l.x.t.c. E.N.V. manipulate, control, influence
la that
le that (used for emphasis before a consonant sound)
li that (used for emphasis before a vowel sound)
lied that is
m.p.g.h.s. E.N.V. give birth to, create
mid for the sake of...
myserle n. magic, sorcery
n.c.v. E.N.V. speak, inform, say, tell
ngar pro. we, us, our, ourselves
nolei n. dragon
paxhala n. sanctuary, sanctum, paradise, utopia E.N.V. come, arrive, visit
qe prefix. (Subject Emphasizer)
qohenja n. purification, cleansing, renewal, resurrection, rebirth, healing, restoration
quealm n. angel, ophanim, seraphim
r.e.m. E.N.V. carve, draw, sculpture, sketch, write
r.f.h. E.N.V. resonate, echo, reverberate
r.g.v.d. E.N.V. give, offer, bestow, award
r.m.d. E.N.V. harm, injure, hurt, wound, attack, damage
r.s.p.l.t.h. E.N.V. fire, attack, shoot
refyae n. city, town, village, metropolis
rwio n. signal, signpost
s.f.a. E.N.V. colour, dye, paint, fill with colour(s)
s.h.w. E.N.V. reveal, open, disclose, show
s.k.v. E.N.V. to love (someone)
s.o.l. E.N.V. fight, battle, duel, challenge
sekayavi n. judgement
shiyana n. star, planet
sikavei n. world, universe
snglj adj. handsome, strong
t.b. E.N.V. have, possess, wield, hold
tesifa please
ui com. from, derived from
v.h.l.f. E.N.V. operate, work
v.p.r.s.t. E.N.V. fall into despair
v.s.h. E.N.V. craft, create (with magic, in a supernatural, phenomenal way)
w.f.n. E.N.V. praise, honour
x.y.r.h. E.N.V. curse, to curse, to jinx, to hex
xacyto n./adj. evil, cruelty, malice, cruel, darkness
xiofalar n./adj. loneliness, solitude, lonely, alone
xhyntala n. good people, gooddoer, innocence, innocent people, pure-hearted, kind hearted people
y.r.j.c. E.N.V. determine, decide
yemanizati n. justice, righteousness
yiphera n. knowledge, wisdom
yon com. you (subject)
yona com. you (subject plural)
yoni com. you (object)
yonia com. you (object plural)
yor com. your
zefni n. computer, system, technology, machine, network, device, laptop
ztirlaa n./adj./v. blessing, bless, blessed
zural n. power, strength, energy

Funol Class Type Edit

Word Class Meaning
a.e.i.o.u. E.N.V. be, is
a.u.c. E.N.V. speak, inform, say
ai to, at, towards
alcairi n. solitude, loneliness, abandonment
amal n. totem, tower, fortress
b.c.w. E.N.V. unlock, open, disclose
balabasa n. quasar, mass of light
biyixz n. existence
ceninan n./adj. truth, of truth, real, true
dena n./adj. radiance, radiant
e.p.r.s.m.a. E.N.V. correct, amend, revise, improve
eqos n. dream
f.b.i.r.t. E.N.V. colour, give colour to, dye, paint
f.l.x. E.N.V. sneer, ridicule, insult
f.xb. E.N.V. go, leave
hymes n. Spell Song, song, hymn, music
ifemba adj./adv. idiotic, stupid, foolish, stupidly, foolishly
ilja despite, and yet...
k.t.x. (Subject Definer)
k.v.c.m.o.g. E.N.V. release, liberate, free, unleash
komon n. soul, spirit, ghost
l.w.b.m. E.N.V. dance
lol that
m.d.f.a. E.N.V. steal, rob, take away, snatch
nhar adj. only, unique
nmera once again, once more, again
p.p.t. E.N.V. live, exist
p.v.w. E.N.V. protect, defend
qnggn hey!
rgele adj. rolling, turning, spinning, rotating
rola n./adv./adj. grace, serenity, gracefully, serenely, serene, graceful
sga n. wave, ray, pulse
silre n. star, meteor, meteorite, planet, comet
simghera n. distance
t.k.o. E.N.V. harm, injure, wound
t.w.f. E.N.V. call upon, call for, summon, request for
tlaxa adj. delightful, wonderful
v.k.r.h. E.N.V. begin, start, initialize, execute, put into action/motion, act (now)
x.p.c. E.N.V. resound, echo, resonate, reverberate
y.r.t. E.N.V. chant, pray
yxinlolu n. justice, righteousness

Kulm Arive Class Type Edit

Kulm Arive Class Words are words that were created during an ancient time, more specifically, the Platius Era. During this time, Yunalesca's descendants and her family line created these words. Kulm Arive Class Words cannot be used by humans, however, the pronouns are an exception to that rule.

Word Class Meaning
a.h.n.p. E.N.V. play (an instrument) (can also mean to sing)
a.s.t.l.l. E.N.V. place judgement upon
Aethelm Pron. name of the Primordial God of the Sun and Day
Alethaia Pron. name of the Goddess of Healing and Protection
Amuelia Pron. name of the Goddess of Songs, Waves and Emotion
Ancorielda Pron. name of the Goddess of Magic
Atherizna Pron. Name of the Goddess of Knowledge and Intellect
AURUM=ZETA Pron. name of the Neonova Note Server Satellite
Bionima Pron. name of the Goddess of Life, Birth and Afterlife
c.h.d. E.N.V. tie down, bind, imprison, restrain, restrict movement
c.s.l. E.N.V. live, exist
dalinen n. the element of earth, earth, Geo, Terra
dene even if...
d.nd.nn. E.N.V. to show support, to help
dyaugya n. father (as in God)
dzmobis n./adj. repentance, atonement, of atonement
e.h.t.l. E.N.V. speak, inform, say, tell, explain, communicate, commune, interact
eryfyo n. the element of water, water, Aqua, Hydro
Eulyco pro. name of the Wolf God of Honour and the Hunt
Evidelo pro. name of the Demon God of Judgement, Justice and Power
Exapico Pron. name of the First God of Creation and Multiverse, the Creator of Dimensions
f.g.rg. E.N.V. to receive, to accept
h.c.n. E.N.V. destroy, kill, murder
Illumena Pron. name of the Goddess of Light
iliria n./adj. Phos, the element of light, Lumen, shining, radiant
Infechra pro. name of the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Illusion
Jenyuro pro. Name of the God of Chaos and Disorder
jlajuhu n./v. atonement, atone for
k.c. E.N.V. come, arrive, visit
Kataj Pron. name of the God of the Seas and Waters
l.y. E.N.V. reboot, reset, redo
m.c.d. E.N.V. live, exist
m.n.t.r. E.N.V. pray, wish
Marelso Pron. name of the God of War and Battle
Morthetl Pron. name of the God of Death and Ruler of the Realm of the Dead, Siolnehem
Myolse Pron. name of the God of Sleep, Nightmares and Warning
nileazas n. death, the Concept of Death, Mortus, Thanatos
niluhla n. serenade, sonata, etude, hymn, song
Niro Pron. name of the Elf God of Mischief and Downfall
Olymorn Pron. name of the God of Sickness, Poverty and Illness
omni n./adj. all, everything, everyone, every~
oynike n. ice, the Element of Ice, Cryos
pfakolu n./adj./adv. sadly, sad, sadness, sorrow, sorrowful, sorrowfully
q.e.l. E.N.V. fly, take off, go up, ascend
rezor n./adj. Pyros, the element of Fire, fiery
saolaitear n./v. sacrifice, offering
Stellunaria Pron. Name of the Goddess of Stars, Constellations and Space
Tenerus Name of the Primordial God of Darkness and Night
Terraia Name of the Goddess of Nature, Agriculture and Harvest
Timoya Name of the Primordial God of Time
thuxalun n. system, network
Ureshila Name of the Goddess of Creativity and Craftsmanship
urioz darkness, the Element of Darkness, Umbra, Tenerus
uthenera n./adj. Aether, Caelum, the element of Divinity, divine, holy, celestial, etherial
vetherina n./adj. Psychos, the concept of Psyche, psychic, mind
wotai space, the Concept of Space, matter, Spacium, the 3rd Dimension, the 3rd Axis
x.x. E.N.V. (Subject Definer)
xaravo n. electricity, lightning, thunder, the Element of Lightning, Electros
Xilqorik Pron. name of the Dragon God of Fire and Civilization
y.m.x.b. E.N.V. corrupt, make dirty, defile, contaminate, infect
Yggdrasil Pron. name of the Legendary Tree of Life
yug and then, therefore
Yuriphella Pron. name of the Goddess of Harmony and Order
zma n./adj. beauty, beautiful

Namezzal Class Type Edit

These words belong in the Namezzal Class. Namezzal Words can only be used by humans, if they manage to find a way to use Song Magic (either by Synchronizing with a Genom or Hymmnosen, or using a Hymmnotron). Because the other words costed too much energy and mentality for humans, the humans planned to devise a way to create a more safer and energy sufficient way for them to use Song Magic. That was how the Namezzal Words were born. When a human uses Song Magic, he or she will use the Namezzal Words, which cost less energy and mentality than others. These type of words can be mixed with Clusternia Words, Funol Words and Synchron Words, but the Namezzal Words themselves are more preferred.

Word Class Meaning
a.c.t. E.N.V. explore, adventure, journey through, travel
a.s.p. E.N.V. run away, flee, escape
a.s.t.r.l. E.N.V. look, see, watch, view
agus however, but
ahpyit n. seed, bud, egg, embryo
anoy n. disaster, calamity, catastrophe
avhehila n. innocence, innocent people, kind-hearted people, good people, good person, gooddoer
byn adv. always, usually, mostly
calameun n./adj. insanity, madness, insane, mad
dey com. we, us
dzeja (Subject Definer)
e.t.a. E.N.V. find, search for, look, locate, analyse, scan
elei adj. only, unique
eorthe n. land, surface, ground, field, plains
etadya n. music, melody, sound waves, tune
f.b.i.r.t. E.N.V. continue, go on
f.o.r. E.N.V. promise, swear, vow
fayraif n. fire, blaze, bushfire
friy n./adj. freedom, salvation, free
fyr n. flame, fire
g.s.z. E.N.D. return, go back
ghaeras n. seas, ocean, lake, swamp
h.p.q. E.N.V. hint at, suggest, imply
htaat adj./adv. vividly, clearly, obviously, evidently, evident, obvious, vivid, clear
hup adj./adv. noisy, noisily, sonorous, sonorously
huys n. karma, consequence, result
i.a.t.e. E.N.V. break, shatter, fragmentize
i.c.u.j. E.N.V. create, craft, weave
kyuwazze adj. shining, bright, radiant
l.l.y.r. E.N.V. light, illuminate, shine, radiate
lyasmon n./adj. forgiveness, forgiving, pardon
malayat n./adj. darkness, night, dark, black
mau adj./adv. dark, eerie, scary, eerily
n.y.s.r. E.N.V. encounter, meet
nanat adj. sophisticated, complicated, complex, difficult, hard, uneasy
ngarko adj. severe, critical, serious, real, harsh
nyghyat adv. absolutely, surely, certainly
nyimbo n. steps, stairs, escalator
oicheanta n. paradise, utopia, sanctuary, sanctum
p.f. E.N.V. overlap, pile up
p.l.z. E.N.V. seal, close, shut tight
pahangi n./adj. chaos, destruction, disorder, discord, imbalance, chaotic, destructively
seykin n. world, universe
treghta n. heart (as in the organ)
tsenij n. land, country, state, region
uthandou n. planet, star, galaxy, quasar, constellation, heavenly body, cosmos
vos adj. cold, freezing, chilling
w.p.m.b. E.N.V. to prepare, make ready for
x.r.h. E.N.V. kiss
xvi if E.N.V. wanting to do (something), wanting something
zhunami n. disaster, calamity, apocalypse, catastrophe

P14A Class Type Edit

Word Class Meaning
acu even if, even so
akatar n. myth, legend, tale
alyfyora n./adj. harmony, union, unity, balance, concord, of harmony
c.g.s. E.N.V. devastate, destroy, annihilate, ruin, eliminate
d.s.e. E.N.V. kiss
dorol adj. transparent, clear, see-through, vivid
dzuel n. world, universe, realm, dimension
e.s.u. E.N.V. run, jog, dash
eshathra n. purification, cleansing
f.c.t.l. E.N.V. stop, halt, suspend, freeze
h.r.m.t. E.N.V. flow
i.c.b.m.a. E.N.V. believe, have faith in, hope for
lasyen n. magic, sorcery
n.s.w. E.N.V. reveal, show, disclose
orvydhia n./adj./adv. kindness, gentle, kind, kindly
p.r.p. E.N.V. dance
p.t.q. E.N.V. be, is
q.s.t. E.N.V. control, possess, manipulate
qafyn n. fate, destiny
qipaluti n. age, era, time
r.h. E.N.V. to forget oneself's memories
r.p.m.s. E.N.V. ask, question
r.s.n. E.N.V. sing, to sing
shuko adj. behind, backwards, south, down
simduva n. village leader
vasaka because of, due to
vutozi n. repentance, atonement
w.b.c. E.N.V. to synchronize, become one with, merge with, fuse with
x.l.c. E.N.V. jump, leap, bounce
xuroatsar adj. unforgivable, something that cannot be forgotten or forgiven
yql com. what
z.r.p. E.N.V. play with (someone)

Synchron Class Type Edit

Word Class Meaning
a.h.d.y.j. E.N.V. synchronize, connect, tie together, link
a.r.f. E.N.V. protect, defend, safeguard, guard
azfazar n./adj./v. nothing, nothingness, void, empty
b.r.n.y. E.N.V. open, disclose, reveal, show
b.s.v. E.N.V. look, see, view, watch
d.c.l.l. E.N.V. cross, surpass
d.y.j. E.N.V. shield, guard, protect, defend, safeguard
e.s.a.p. E.N.V. play (an instrument)
ecolet n. angel, ophanim, seraphim
f.a.o.q. E.N.V. overwhelm, overload, overfill
fopular adj. normal, okay, alright
f.y.s.y.n. E.N.V. raise, nurture, sustain, grow
g.l.w. E.N.V. radiate, illuminate, shine, dazzle
h.y.zh. E.N.V. bring an end to, finish
i.c.f.s. E.N.V. move, transport, relocate
iykwyl n./v. command, order, request
jezintar n./adj. insanity, madness, mad, insane
l.f.f. E.N.V. close, shut down, shut, slam close
l.w.n. E.N.V. open, disclose, unlock
ljew n. god, lord, deity
m.l.n. E.N.V. release, let go, unleash, liberate, free
mukastonaq n. revolution, cycle, endless cycle, (natural) process
ne com. and
nlanan n. seed, plant, seedling
p.a.m. E.N.V. be frightened, cower
p.o.q.s. E.N.V. become, transform into
phelng n. king, lord, emperor, prince
pse com. that
quameh n./adj./adv. weakness, vulnerability, susceptible, vulnerable, fragile, weak, weakly
r.h.s. E.N.V. be, is
r.m.s. E.N.V. speak, inform, tell, say, talk
s.f.t.y. E.N.V. believe in, trust, have faith in
s.s.y. E.N.V. shatter, break, crack
s.v. E.N.V. embrace, hug, wrap around
s.y.r.n. E.N.V. seize, acquire, obtain
savulaya n. paradise, utopia, sanctuary, sanctum
shpresoj n. mercy, compassion
sueat adv. possibly, probably, could be
t.p.p. E.N.V. offer, give, bestow, award
twin n./adj. dual, two, binary, twin
v.g.i. E.N.V. obey, heed
w.f.n.c.y.n. E.N.V. scream, yell, shriek
w.n.w. E.N.V. tackle, slam into
woxiol n. wire, string, thread
x.t.r. E.N.V. appear, emerg
xshyntuala n. innocence, innocent people, good people, kind-hearted ones, gooddoer
y.f.x. E.N.V. heal, restore, cure, purify, cleanse, give medical attention to

Kosphere Words Edit

Kosphere Words have 2 meanings: grammar meaning and its functionary meaning. The grammar meaning is what it means in the grammar of the sentence. The functionary meaning is a meaning that is hidden from the song. Each word holds a functionary meaning, and when used in a song, they invoke their own special effects.

Word Grammar Meaning Functionary Meaning
CHYLOVA divinity, ethereal, holy, celestial Collect nearby Tz-Waves into a single focus point of power
KONOJEL resolution, solution Use H-Waves to enter target's mind and pilfer/alter his/her mind.
TESIFA bravery, courage

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