Conlang map 2.7

Map of the world

[This project is currently inactive/defunct. If you would like to revitalize it, you are welcome to do so. Please just notify Eçeþesi.]

This world is a parallel earth. The geography and biology are the same, but the culture and history are different. Instead of the Earthly languages we're all familiar with, on this world our conlangs flourish as the languages of the people.

Nations and Their LanguagesEdit

The following names are all native names. 

(Note: if the native script is not Latin, Cyrillic or Greek, or a combination thereof, the Latin transliteration will be provided.)

Nation Capital Language
Casum Brętöny Casumą
De Nederbelg Deukröana Xynt
Fèngëdèn Küge(fer) Fèngë
Éketöd Ágarfer (Éket), Aban
海国 Haigwo 湖北 Hupei 海语 Haiyu
KōLā KōXiè
Lupole Romagriá Lupolece
Molive'ane'a Wilsnë' Flena'lcnä' Molive'anic
Molivanaké Molívénak Sria
Mvöihłeg Ephwovä Mvöihłòxt
Se Nil é Λúbace Talama Iáþi
Sỳ Tjála Sukolata Nilasì Vasykaa
뚜러 Thule 大北京 (태늘쉬로) Dyneurslo Yeul
Ueoe Léioi Ueoe
Уирэжэ Девуржил Уацин
츨 Yeul 北西京 (늘쩌쉬로) Neurweslo Yeul
Zwanas Davigulus Aliksandra Zwani
Ԅатудкӓӧнѳ Zzatudkroanlh Ѳалэѷ Lhalevh Ԅатуд Zzatud
Najko Nomuka Najŋi
Ottomania Daraliya (Konya) New Balaibalan
'Enëa 'Iperium 'Iperiana
Tora Tora (city state) Tonan
Kappai (Kappan Empire) Kiaer Kapaupa

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