Culliwācatlīnitōtl hieroglyphs (also called symbols or pictograms or Culliwācatlīnitōmotleteni, literally "symbols (letters) of Culliwācatlīnitōtl") is a writing system designed for writing Culliwācatlīnitōtl language. It's a mixture of pictograms and a phonetic system (for example the symbol cātelatli signifies a monkey (cātelatli means "monkey" in Culliwācatlīnitōtl) and a word cātela(tli), which is used in naming places or people, such as Alecātelamotli). Here is an example:


The word "Culliwācatlīnitōtl" - culliwā(tl) (the face) + catlīni(tl) (green hills) + tō(tl) (mouth).



Here are some of the most common pictograms:



The pictograms can be altered in any way (but still they must look recognizable) to make a compound grapheme. Examples:


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