The Dëlakotelenky language is speaked in the fantasy kingdom of Dëlakotely. It's an agglutinate language, inspired by latin. Its syntax is a Verb-Subject-Object system. In Dëlakotelenky, we can create new words easyly.

Alphabet and prounonciation Edit

Vowels Edit

a [a] or [ə]
e [e] or [ə]
i [i]
o [o] or [ə]
u [u]
y [y]
ë [ə]

Consonans Edit

Basic GrammarEdit



Excuse me because I asking you for my demand (numbers from your conlang(s)) in this page. I think to send my message on your e-mail. But nowhere I didn't see information about your e-mail. First introduce: My name is Janko. I'm collecting numbers from various systems in different languages. You can found information about my self and my work on:

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Example textEdit


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