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Hrūinguul Dagavar'hī is the language of the Stonevaurns; the Dagavar.

The Stonevaurns are a breed of vaurn who live in the mountains in central Aylland. They are a strong people, both in physical build and in culture. They are renowned for their military pride, and excel is the art of spear-throwing. Their fur is often grey with streaks of black, white or brown. This gives them an appearance likened to 'wolf-men', which gave them their popular name Dagathīa; the 'wolves of stone'.

Type: Analytic

Alignment: Nominative-accusative

Head direction: Initial

Tonal: No

Declensions: Yes

Conjugations: Yes

Genders: None

Nouns decline according to: Number

Verbs conjugate according to: Tense

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