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These are words that pertain to colors.  All colors are adjectives - if you want to talk about a color as a noun, for example, "My favorite color is blue," you would have to say "My favorite color is the blue color."

English Dangin Nira
Color Sorva
Color Wheel Sorva riklek
Red Mefin
Orange Pabdin
Yellow Birin
Green Irotin
Cyan Nuwtonin
Blue Furegin
Indigo Ksarin
Violet Wonin
Brown Maldrin
White Oshin
Black Harblin
Grey Syurin
Purple Nebrohin
Pink Lilin
What color is the object? Eminu sorve meglok nen godya?
The object is blue/red/green.

Nen godya mok furegin/mefin/irotin.

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