Bab                   Fourteen/Eptwin

Babin                 Fourteenth/Eptwinth

Badroi                To forget

Baglboi              To mock

Balsi-                 Getting into (prefix)

Balsioi               To become

Balsisemaroi       To stand up

Bamin                Right (direction)

Banda                Car

Baneba              Ladder

Bapa Rug

Baradana            Rampart

Barsa                 God

Basma               Goddess

Bava                   Dog

Begda                 Ass (posterior)

Bengoi                To kneel

Bent                   Also

Beoi                   To give

Berdla                Pumpkin

Besa                  Shape

Betevna               Gift

Betha                  Zinc

Bevera                 Thunder

Bevtana               Ring

Bifta                    Window

Birin                    Yellow

Birseza               Sulfur

Boga                   Morning

Boila                    Heat

Boilin                   Hot

Boiloi                   To heat

Boilunhirkimsorta Thermodynamics

Bordikoi              To work

Bozin                  New

Brandoi               To tire

Brdoi                  To dominate

Brisena               Virtue

Brketkoi To annoy

Bublela               Ribbon

Bugdaboi            To collide

Bunsa                 Human

Butarin                Complex

Bura                Neck

Burapepra Bassoon

Bwang                Perhaps

Bzivin                 Odd

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