This is a list of the words and phrases necessary to explain grammar and syntax in Dangin Nira.

Verbs Edit


English Dangin Nira
Past Logvin
Present Dornin
Future Vondin


English Dangin Nira
Active Duhagin
Passive Fostagin


English Dangin Nira
First Person Anin Dakra
Second Person Danin Dakra
Third Person Itarin Dakra
Fourth Person Ufuldin Dakra

Nouns Edit


English Dangin Nira
Nominative Case Niskokrunin Skwa
Accusative Case Niskevnunin Skwa
Dative Case Niskelkhunin Skwa
Ablative Case Niskoptunin Skwa
Vocative Case Fivyunin Skwa

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