Daborba     Post (blog)

Daboroi      To post

Dadu          More

Dafoi          To feel

Dakra        Person

Daktoi       To break

Dan           Two

Danev        Twice

Danin        Second

Darasta     Master

Darsa        Male

Darsin       Male

Darskaloi  To command

Dasma      Female

Dasmin     Female

Davna        Leg

Definin       Simple

Degldu       In no way

Deglel        Nowhere

Deglorm     Never

Degma       Nothing

Degmin      No, none of

Degnebin   No one’s

Degriv        For no reason

Degsir       Zero

Degsirin    Zeroth

Degsta     No one

Deloi        To drink

Demokoi   To take (a test)

Depa        Chair

Dewra       Hood

Deydin      High

Dezera       Solution (to a problem)

Dezeroi      To solve

Dibdin        Stupid

Difra          Snow

Difroi         To snow

Diglda       Artichoke

Diksoi       To tie up

Din           Early

Dirvoi        To hear

Disa         Grass

Divda        Niche

Diyega      Impossible mutual infatuation

Dizganin    Probable

Dobraga Wall (defense)

Dodefoi      To hang out, do things

Doiboi       To lose

Doitsin       German

Dolaroi      To prosper

Domoi        To wait (for)

Dongrda     Eggplant

Dorna         Present (time period)

Dowd          Just (now)

Dripifsoi      To ejaculate (cum)

Dugaroi       To curse

Duhagin       Active

Duklalela     Store

Dukloi         To buy

Dunoi          To separate

Dupa Corner

Durdenoi     To deposit (phase change)

Durig          Later (on)

Dusa          Evening

Duta           Soap

Duwateya    Amethyst

Dva             Ground

Dvetra         Meat

Dvuteloi      To pass (time passes, etc)

Dwadi         In front of

Dwelbin Rich

Dyefra        Squash

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