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Delang English Source Notes
adem adj icy no declination
adi adj freezing no declination
aj conj as, than
aj fakult expr by the way
aja conj yes
ajll noun wing French
all adj all English
ambex adj yellow Arabic
amita noun aunt Latin
an num one IE
ana noun ass Latin
anaz pron they all
Angli name England
ani pron it
animall noun animal Latin
aniz pron they
ansdve num twelve
anzan num eleven
anze num ten
app noun apple English
aqem noun swim Latin
aqmi verb swim Latin
aqwh noun water Latin
aqwh nadeni rain
aqwiri noun aquarius Latin
araq noun spider Greek
ariz noun aries, sheep Latin
astex noun star Greek
astri noun flu Greek
au adj awe, glory English
aublige verb must, has to French
audi verb hear Latin
auhi verb hunt Tagalog
aujkauz noun ecology Greek
aujkauzi verb ecological Greek Adjective in English
aun noun own English
aunfakulti verb learn Latin litt: belongs to knowledge
aunfakultinj noun lesson Latin
auni verb own, have English
aunj conj to English aunj - naunj
aunj vy expr there you are when giving
aunjen noun come
aunjeni verb come
auppez noun shoe
auqwill noun eye Latin
auqwilli verb see Latin
aurbi noun year Latin
Ausdrali name Australia
auto noun car Greek
automesta noun parking space litt car-place
avin noun bird Latin
axdem noun art Latin
axj noun silver Latin
axjen adj/noun silvery, silverware, cutlery Latin
az pron I Bulgarian
azi adj near French azi - nazi
azur adj blue Persian

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