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Delang English Source Notes
fakult noun faculty, reason Latin
fakulti verb reason, think Latin
fakultin noun knowledge, idea Latin
fakultini verb know Latin
fakultinj noun software Latin
fam noun woman
famaz pron they all (f)
famez noun wife
fami pron she, her
famin noun girl
famiz pron they (f)
Famtema name Thursday
fauni adj solidifying no declination
fazill adj easy Latin fazill - nefazill
felin noun cat Latin
felini verb supple Latin
feraukz noun rust Latin
ferequ noun locomotive, iron horse Latin litt ironhorse
ferj noun iron Latin
ferot noun railroad Latin
feroti verb traveling by rail Latin
ferotin noun train Latin
fidi adj too hot liquid
final adj final, last Latin
flauti verb float English
flauvin noun river English
flauwi verb flow English
fleu noun flower French
foj noun liver French
folin noun leaf Latin
fomi noun child, offspring
foni noun child, offspring (m)
fonin noun child, offspring (f)
Franz name France
fren adj old
fretex noun fracture, break Latin spesial case also vagina
fretexi verb fracture, break, tear Latin
fuz noun fusion Latin
fuzi verb fuse Latin
fuzin noun fuse Latin
fxauti verb rub French

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