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Delang English Source Notes
lang noun language Latin
lange noun speech Latin
langi verb speak, say, talk Latin
langin noun word Latin
lati verb carry Latin
lef adj high, long
lemq noun chain English
lemqi verb chain English
lemqin noun link English
Leo name leo Latin
leon noun lion Latin
leonin noun lioness Latin
leun noun lunch Spanish
leuni verb lunch Spanish
leviqaptex noun surprise Latin
leviqaptri verb surprise Latin
leviqardh noun heaven, sky Latin-Greek
levit adj over, above Latin
leviti verb levitate Latin
lezi verb lie Russian
libell noun level Latin
libelli verb level Latin
libert noun rights Latin
Libex name libra Latin
libexin noun book Latin
librimetex noun scale Latin
lingwin noun tongue Latin
ljube noun lover Russian
ljubi verb love Russian
llevy left Russian

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