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Delang English Source Notes
ma noun mother Latin
majt adj might, power English
malin adj smooth, slippery linguistics
malin noun slide linguistics special case also vagina
malini verb slide, glide linguistics
malini Malin glide the Slide, fuck linguistics
maloma adj round linguistics
Malomo name Friday
mama noun breast Latin
man noun man English
manaz pron they all masculine
manez noun husband
mani pron he, him
manin noun boy, (woman)
maniz pron they masculine
Mantema name Monday
marzj noun walk, march French
marzjy verb walk, march French
matrimauni verb marry Latin
matrimaunj noun marriage Latin
maunz noun mountain Latin
mauxe noun sea, ocean Latin
mauxin noun sea Latin
maz pron we all
mesta noun place Latin
metex noun measure, scale, meter Latin
metre noun meter Latin
metri verb measure, scale Latin
mill num thousand Latin
min adj small Latin
minex noun worm Latin
minz adj thin, narrow French
mit adj wet mit - nemit
miteri verb send, give Latin
miz pron we
mori verb die Latin
moxall noun moral, conscience Latin
muf noun move English
mufi verb move English
mul adj many Latin mul - nemul
muziq noun music Latin
myrtiluz noun bilberry, European blueberry Latin
myti verb wash Russian

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