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Delang English Source Notes
na on, by Russian
na nauwh exp now litt on new
naden noun fall Russian
nadeni verb fall Russian
Nadenz name fall, autum Russian
nam noun name IE
namida noun tear Japanese
namida nadeni cry
nau conj but Russian
nauni verb lose
naunj from aunj - naunj
naunj Prelangin exp suggestion litt: from in front of Word
nauwh noun new IE
Nauxje name Norway
naz adj nice, good English naz - nenaz
nazi adj far French azi - nazi
nazj noun pump Russian
nazjy verb pump Russian
ne no, not IE
nefakult exp never mind
nefazill adj difficult, hard French fazill - nefazill
nej no Swedish
nelemq noun unchained English
nelemqin adj free English
nemit adj dry mit - nemit
nemul adj few Latin mul - nemul
nenaz adj ugly, bad English naz - nenaz
neqj noun murder Latin
neqi verb kill Latin
nett noun net Germanic
netti verb net Germanic
nez noun nose Latin
nezankt noun sin, evil Latin zankt - nezankt
nezankti verb sin Latin zankti - nezankti
Nidex name Netherlands
nintra adj outside, other Latin intra - nintra
Nipaun name Japan
nizi adj there French izi - nizi
nje no Russian
nubi noun/verb cloud Latin
nubjen noun fog Latin
nux only German
nykt noun night IE
nyktem noun nychthemeron, day Greek 24 hour
nyq adj black Greek

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