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Delang English Source Notes
pa noun father Latin
pads num fifthy Russian
pali verb hit Tagalog
palj noun hit Tagalog
partauj noun birth
partauni verb birth
partizi verb participate Latin
pat num five Czech
Paulsk name Poland Polish
paulza noun use Russian
paulzi verb use Russian
paupex adj poor, pauper Latin
pazjeni verb patient Latin adj in English
peni verb write, pen English
penj noun writing English
perez noun stone Hebrew
pesoq noun sand, grain of sand, beach The common word for sand is cepesoq (plural), not anpesoq (singular)
pez noun foot Latin
pisq noun fish Latin
pisqwi name pisces Latin Zodiac sign
pix noun paper, page Greek
pixin noun small paper, card Greek
pizi verb feed
pizj noun food
plaut noun fruit Russian
plen adj full Latin
pliqomi noun forrest
plum noun hair French
plumine noun feather French
poqi verb get, receive Swahili
post behind Latin
postaurbi adj yesteryear
postema adj yesterday
pravy right Russian
pre in front of Latin
preaurbi adj next year
prelangin noun (suggestion) litt: in front of word.
prelevit noun feature
preleviti verb feature
prepez noun leg Latin litt in front of foot
pretema adj tomorrow
pri verb lead Latin
put adj dirty Latin
putex adj rotten Latin
puwez noun dust, pulver Latin

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