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Delang English Source Notes
qabra noun goat Latin
qabrikorn noun capricorn, goat horn Latin
qamel noun camel Arabic
qanin noun dog Latin
qanzeri noun cancer (med) Latin
qanzex noun crab, cancer (zodiac) Latin
qap noun head Latin
qaqde adj drinkingcold no declination
qardh noun heart Greek spesial case greeting, hi
Qardtema name Sunday
qarne noun meat Spanish
qaull noun knee Russian
qaulni verb stab Russian
qaunfid noun faith Latin
qaunfidi verb faith, trust, believe Latin
qaust noun bone Russian
qaxi noun cart Latin
qibex noun kiss
qibri verb kiss
qidi verb throw Russian
qlauq noun jacket, cloak, cape English
qlin adj short
qomerz noun trade Latin
qomerzi verb trade Latin
qonflezi adj swell French
qonstri verb/adj construct Latin
qopati verb dig Russian
qoreq adj correct French
qoxi noun bark Russian
qri adj cold no declination
qrom noun color Greek
qruqj noun pot Italian special case tableware excluding cutlery
qruqjell noun potter genetive of qruqj
quniq noun rabbit Latin
qwalitee adj quality Latin
qwezi adj some French
qxyz noun cross Latin

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