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Delang English Source Notes
Sabado name Saturday Spanish
sanj noun blood French
Saumi name Finland Finnish
seusken noun sibling Norwegian
seuste noun sister Norwegian
skaf adj scolding
skaurp noun scorpion Greek
sneg noun snow Russian
spadi verb acting against signal English
spadj noun sign, signal English
spadjeni verb signal English
Spanj name Spain
spaurt noun sport Latin
spaurtin noun athlete Latin
spaz noun thanks Russian
spina noun back, spine Latin
sputi verb spit, sputter Latin
sqala noun stairway Greek
sqwizi verb squeeze English
sta num hundred Russian
stauni adj boiling
stauti verb stand IE
stringi verb tie, string Latin
sugi verb suck Latin
sup adj under Latin
Svexje name Sweden
swat noun banknote Polish
swatin noun postage stamp Polish
swaut noun gold Polish
swauta noun currency, money, value Polish
swauti adj golden Polish
swautin noun coin Polish
swex noun sphere, ball Latin

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