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Delang English Source Notes
tamull adj dull
tanz noun dance IE
tanzi verb dance IE
taqde adj drinkwarm no declination
taqete adj sharp Lingvistics
Taqeto name Tuesday
tard adj late French
taulq noun push Russian
taulqi verb push Russian
taux noun taurus, bull Greek
tauzje conj too Russian
teaterin noun play Greek
tee noun tea Chinese Min Nan
tegex noun cover, protection Latin
tegexi verb cover, protect Latin
telj noun earth Latin
teljen noun continent Latin
Tellex name Earth, Tellus Latin
tem adj white, light Greek
tema noun day Greek
temetex noun watch, clock contraction of tema and metex, meaning day measure
tempenj noun photography litt light-writing
tempenj mufi movie litt photography (that) moves
ten noun shadow
teullva noun computer, PC Icelandic
teullvi noun video game console Icelandic
teullvi verb use a computer Icelandic no such verb in English
teullvigri verb play on a computer Icelandic+Russian no such verb in English
tex noun piece Latin
tibri verb fear Latin
tire num four Russian
tirez num fourty Russian
treni verb hold Latin
tri num three IE
triz num thirty Russian
txaderi verb wipe Latin

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